mommy, where are all the channukah decorations...

my son is driving me nuts lately with all the whining about the lack of channukah decorations.  i'm sure there is a politically correct way of explaining the over commercialization of christmas.  oops, did i just say that??  oh come on, i'm not alone.  i know most of you let out a slight sigh of exasperation when halloween is barely over and red, green, and ho, ho, ho is being crammed down ya throats!  i heard something on the radio the other day about 2 women who have already set up camp outside of their local walmart for the black friday specials.  really ladies??

i prefer to just enjoy the sights and sounds of winter celebrations when nature intended i enjoy them.  in december.  so in prep for winter glee, i have put together some pretty winter decorations with some channukah thrown in for my son.


my favorite winter memories are driving up and down the streets in chicago with my grandparents oohing and aahing over all the fantastic lights strewn on houses along with the cheesy, blow up reindeer on the front lawn.  every year neighbors upped the ante with increasing tackiness!  it was great fun to guess which household would declare bankruptcy due to their enormous electric bill.  my prettier memories are walking along a snowy state st in downtown chicago with all the lights surrounding the storefront windows. beautiful.  i also loved the freshness of evergreens throughout the house, the warm aroma of mulling spices on the stove, marshmallows melting in hot chocolate, and of course as many twinkly little lights as possible, inside and out!  

so i've been drowning my kids in hot chocolate, firing up the evergreen candles and stocking up on cinnamon sticks in anticipation of the winter decoration fest that will happen at my house.  i will have a peacock feather wreath on my front door, and paper snowflakes on the windows, and a big glass container filled with the ever-multiplying dreidels we have!  and lots of twinkly lights, because channukah is the festival of lights!! what's your favorite christmas, channukah, and/or winter decoration??