her dad...

earlier today i was having fun in design lala land searching for some chairs for a client when my phone rang.  i looked down and saw it was my best friend, whom i had just seen over thanksgiving.  i answered and she asked where was i.  i said, slowly, "at home. what's happened?" she said her dad died this morning.  unexpectedly, but with her mom and one of her brothers at his side.

her dad.  who has at times been like a second father to me.

her dad.  who i've known for 40 years.

her dad.  who i only saw get upset once.  when cathy and i (mostly i, probably) were performing some not so ladylike dance moves in their front yard.  we were maybe 6, but i still remember it.

her dad.  who when each of his kids went through their own separate trying times was there for them to literally pick them up and love and support them unconditionally.  the emotional rock of their family.

her dad.  who has not aged since he was 45.  neither has his hair!

her dad.  who's piano playing i could listen to all afternoon. 

her dad.  who still sings proudly in his church choir.  who will be singing from heaven tomorrow morning.

her dad.  who has been married to the same woman for 45+ years and is an inspiration.

her dad.  who i always seemed to be seated just next to at the dinner table.  it was a great spot.

her dad.  who has such a witty, intellectual, but somehow relatable, sense of humor.  and such a hearty, genuine laugh. 

her dad.  who apparently was the only other person, besides myself, who actually liked the bourbon balls deje (his wife) used to make.  

her dad.  one of the first of my friend's parents to communicate with me via email.  given that my dad barely knows how to turn a computer on, this was impressive!

her dad.  never without a smile, laugh, or pleasant thing to say.

her dad.  gone way too soon.

you will be missed, jim.