get your before and after right here!

don't you just love a good before and after series?  i sure do!  i love this one especially since it's my own master bath.  looking at the before shots brought back more than a few nightmares, but don't worry, i have a crisis hotline on speed dial so all is good;)

anyway, take a gander at the before shots.  i'll spare you large photos and just give you essence of horribly ugly, dear lord why would anyone do this to a bathroom...

oh, where to start?  you can't see the floral border atop the hunter green striped wallpaper (so sorry).  the tiles were set by someone who apparently had never set tile before and may have been blind so nothing lined up.  the icky shower door slammed into the towel bar frequently.  friends were fighting over who would get the brass rope light fixture (no, not really).  wobbly pedestal sink with no room for anything, leaky toilet...where's that hotline number??!!!

or... could just cast my eyes on the new and improved bath that exists today :)


ahhhhh.  much better if i do say so myself.  white glass wall tile, drop dead gorgeous marble floor tile, double pedestal sink, (here's to wishing i will someday actually need a double :) pretty sconces, foliage with little leaves that match the shape of that gorgeous floor tile, (yes, i planned that, cause that's how i roll) and a whole lot of clean, crisp, peaceful loveliness!  double ahhhhh.