i'm not a designer, but i play one on tv...

ok, well, i actually am a designer, but lately i've been pinching myself over the whole reality of it all and how fantastic things are going so far.  do you remember the show beverly hills 90210?  silly me, of course you do!!  it was like, omg, the total dream of every teenage girl at the time to live that life, like totally.  (ok, maybe that's a tad too valley for beverly hills, but stay with me).  no worries, tori spelling is not guest blogging! she's got enough on her plate.  poor thing.  

anyways, a bit ago i mentioned i was about to begin a dream project that i was pinching myself over!!!  yes, yes??  do you remember??!!!  ok, well, it's not in beverly hills, it in...

this adorable pillow can be found at twig in serenbe, check out their wares on  instagram !

this adorable pillow can be found at twig in serenbe, check out their wares on instagram!

and, i may as well have my own show, because this is big, and wonderful, and fabulous, and my clients couldn't be nicer and cooler!!  the american people should be watching to see if i muck it all up!!  just kidding, there'll be no mucking. although, that is a recurrent nightmare of mine, but again, got that therapist on speed dial...

i am so incredibly blessed to be a part of this project, dubbed project zen glam!  last week i met mrs. zen glam at the property and reality finally sunk in.  there is no dress rehearsal, no editing later in the studio, this is the real deal, a full house to design and it. will. be. awesome.

i'll talk more about serenbe later, in case you've not been.  you should go.  it deserves it's own prime time show!

so, what makes mrs zen glam even more fabulous is how much i adore how she thinks. she pinned this pic on pinterest and given the magnificent reality show/drama/comedy we're about to embark on together i think it just perfectly embodies this project.

in keeping with the tv theme going on here... do you remember the commercial for some line of plumbing fixtures, where the couple is meeting with their architect and the wife pulls out a faucet from her purse and states, very dryly, "design a house around this". or something like that?  well, during our meeting, mrs. zen glam pulls out of her purse an itsy, bitsy, raspberry-colored crepe myrtle flower petal and says "and I want this color in there".  i actually appreciate this, but my mind immediately went to that commercial and i wondered for a second if, by chance, i was actually filming a commercial or if this was indeed reality?  it was too early in the day for wine, so, indeed, it must be reality!

so here's the fantabulous property site, where the house will be built!!  check out the lake in the back!!  it is truly lovely and i'll be moving into the pantry.  she's ok with this.  :)


the general aesthetic of the house is to be french moroccan with a lot of zen and a bit of bling.  there will be 10' ceilings, glorious concrete, beautiful views, french oak floors, gorgeous color, driftwood stuff, a phenomenal lucite coffee table (that i already purchased and it's ridiculously cool!!)... OMG, i can't wait to show the after pictures!!!! to tide you over, here's a melange of some inspiration shots, which may look more like design chaos, but trust me, it will all come together!!