musical chairs...

you all remember the childhood game of musical chairs, right??  somebody's mom is manning the record player (yeah, i'm that old ok) while kids walk around a decreasing number of chairs, mom lifts the needle, music stops, and you have to sit on a chair or you're out.  we're kind of playing that over at client vivid's house!  only, it's not the bee gees playing, it's kid bop, and it's really only myself and mr and mrs vivid that are doing the sitting.  see we are trying to pick the perfect dining room chair.  so far, there's been no violence for the last chair, but there has been a lot of joking about the body type requirements to come to a dinner party at the vivid's.  all our top chairs seem to be sized for vogue models and that's just not working so well.  how many chairs could you have possibly looked at you might ask?  take a gander below at some of the top contenders! there would be more except some of the websites wouldn't let me copy the image... can i get workman's comp for carpel tunnel butt??

the good news is we have a table!!  the big sur (i really like saying that ;) in the charcoal finish from crate and barrel!  and we have a light, also from c+b, the clive chandelier. and we have what every stylish dining room is just screaming for.  a beautiful, large, aged, planter!!  

this is where unruly guests will be placed when they become too...unruly.  or if they don't fit in the chairs.