you...light up my life

so, before the awards ceremony earlier this week, there was other excitement and it had to do with lighting.  lighting for project zen glam down in serenbe.  kinda like the chairs for client vivid, i've now looked at many, many, many potential dining room lights for project zen glam.  this doesn't bother me, cause it's fun and the dining room light needs to knock it out of the park!!!  (background check...i'm a chicago cubs fan who remembers when the lights came on in the stadium - first night game ever at wrigley field - 8.8.88 - so with any big talk about lights i immediately go to that little bit of trivia).  yawn, yeah, whatever...

ok, so after looking at dozens of large chandeliers online and in person, i decide to head to one of my favorite vintage | antique complexes to peruse their offerings and low and behold, as i come around a corner, i spy the perfect dining room light.  it truly took my breath away!  we're searching for something dramatic, but not overbearing, interesting, but not crazy obnoxious, wonderful, but not in every other dining room out there.  behold the test tube chandelier!!!  at 58" wide it's the size i've been looking for, the glass tubes are numerous, but light and airy, the iron ties into some of the other fixtures and to the simple iron stair rail.  i could not be more pleased with this find and of course to make it so supremely perfect, mrs zen glam loved it too, complementing me on my supreme shopping skills!!  i had to answer some questionnaire recently about what my skills are and one of the things i put down was shopping.  now, to some this may seem really frivolous, but just to recap, i have a masters degree with honors from emory and i've spent about 20 years saving the world in healthcare, so i'm totally ok spending the next however many years being a damn good shopper. :)

alright, alright, on to the pictures!!!!!  here's a peek at some of the lighting for this fabulous project, starting with lame photography via my cell phone...

first up, incredibly awesome (i say wonky, she says crazy) 4' wire basket with beautiful articulating lights for her writing room!  this is the kind of stuff that makes design reeeeally fun!! next is the phenomenal glass tube chandelier, stunning.  the third is a great wire mesh lantern that hadn't even been tagged yet.  we both saw it and and agreed, it needed a home in serenbe.  even better, there were 4 more!!!  so these are the quirky guys that will illuminate the downstairs gallery hall!!!  omg, let me take a breath i'm so excited!!  truly, one of the best things about design is working with people that are ok with pushing the boundaries a bit and want things that are a bit out of the box.

here we have some of the other spectacular lights, some approved, some on my wish list :)  all the lights so far are a great combination of interesting and elegant and i just love that!!!  the light on the bottom right is one i ran past at adac the other day and i know nothing about it except i'd love to see it in the downstairs studio next to mr zen glam's reflection chair.

"you light up my life" was a sappy love song by debby boone, but it's actually uplifting, in a pathetic bell-bottom, feathered hair kind of way, very similar to how i feel about this project, cause "you light up my life"!!!!!!  such a design dork :)