i feel the earth move...

oh happy day!!!  earth is moving down in serenbe at maison zen glam!!  no sir, that is not your neighbor watching deliverance, those are squeals of sheer joy coming from me that i am seeing actual dirt being moved around the lot, slightly similar to a child pushing their vegetables around the plate, but i'm calling it real and documented progress!!  thar's progress in them hills!!  chatahoochee hills that is!  ok, clearly i've completely lost my mind at this point.  but i am genuinely so happy for mr and mrs zen glam to be getting somewhere with this house!!  granted, all great things truly take time and effort and planning and coordination and most likely a few tears, but now we're moving and grooving (said with a perfect trying-to-be-cool-white-person accent)!!

look!!!!  they sent me proof from date night 9.26.  now, if we could only come to consensus on the entranceway tile... :)