are you being served?

if not, you're about to be.  in client vivid's brand spanking new fabulous dining room!!! that's right people, we finally found the perfect chairs!  bet you'll never guess where?!   go on... guess!!

target target target!!!  i was flying through the other night (with rowdy kids in tow and probably in flip flops completing the white trash look) and just thought i might take a gander at the offerings in the furniture section.  and there it was, in all it's glory.  perfect size, perfect shape, perfect color, ridiculously ridiculous price.  the target angels were harmonizing a perfectly pitched angelic version of "whomp there it is".  i'm not sure how much i've extolled the virtues of modern technology, but as martha would say of my iphone, "it's a good thing".  i quickly sent some pictures (actually it wasn't quick at all because for some reason my phone wasn't sending the 4 shots i was trying to send via text, and after i reattempted to send about 3 more times, and almost sentenced my phone to death by foot stomp, i had to revert to emailing the pics individually). this all took maybe an extra10 minutes, but when you've found the perfect chair after sitting on 30 of them, one gets a tad impatient...

anyway, client vivid, being equally excited about the chair and the price, on a sunday night, drove her butt around town and called various targets securing 9 of these chairs (we only need 8 but at this point she's going into full tactical mode and getting an extra in case one of the others is damaged or something - impressive actually).

ok.  enough about the chair.  we had a super fun time at crate and barrel ordering the table and the super cool end chairs and the light and some cute little owl pillows (for the fall ya know)!  she also had that wonderful moment where she saw her dining room as it will be.  elegant, exciting, comfortable, within budget, the first thing people will see when they enter her house.  this makes me really happy.  truly.  

on to decorating!!  as we were rearranging almost all of the store displays, we found some wonderful options for the centerpiece. I had one of those weird design epiphany moments of, hey, green gum balls would look incredibly fantastic on your dining room table!!  and she's considering it!

or possibly, gorgeous succulents in a sexy low metal planter.  stay tuned for the final reveal to see which made the cut :)




oh, decisions, decisions...