happy new year...

happy new year to all!!  i have to say, last year was pretty incredible!  i look back on where i was this time last year and i am amazed, inspired, proud, a little worn out, but tremendously optimistic!  pardon me here, but my heart is truly aglow :)  i am so appreciative of the love and support i've received and am so excited for 2015, which already includes 3 magazine spreads and a showhouse!!!!  to be out there working with other creatives, meeting cool and interesting clients, and spending my time drawing, musing with fabrics and tiles, and feeling deep down that i'm doing the right thing; that sparks my soul!

 a few quick updates while we're here...


1. that is a framed house in serenbe!!!!  maison zen-glam!!!!  unfortunately, there is no heat, so we were freezing our buttowskis off!

2. that is a framed big-ass shower-to-be up on the ridge!  i may commute between the pantry in serenbe and the shower on the ridge :)

3. that is an actual injury on the job!!  the electrician down in serenbe snapped the tape measure on me.  it's the same type of thing as some brat getting off the see-saw while you're up in the air and you then drop to the ground!!  i know he didn't mean to do it, but wah it hurt and left what now looks like a melanoma on my finger!!  can't wait to show my kids, they'll think i'm so tough ;)

i wish you all a wonderful new year.  one filled with love and laughter, pride and perseverance, friendship and adventures, and by all means, fabulous design!!  (call me...)