ho ho home for the holidays...

a couple of weeks ago, i had the joy of attending the opening night party for the atlanta homes & lifestyles home for the holidays showhouse!  thanks to a few glasses of wine and socializing, i didn't actually get to really "see" much of the house.  these things happen and it was a really wonderful night, except i couldn't work up enough courage to introduce myself to one of my major design crushes, john oetgen.  he was right there, in front of me, but i don't do small talk well and randomly introducing myself to some icon of design would have ended in me sounding completely incoherent or tripping on something, neither of which would have left a positive impression, so i forwent (i may have made that word up ;) the whole experience entirely!

anyway.  this past weekend, i finally made it back for a proper tour and managed to drag my son with me!!  he loves it when i force design on him.  really.  ok, on to some pics!

we'll start with some gorgeous art.  it is beyond thrilling to me to have witnessed the evolution of art in the showhouse since i moved here in 2003.  art in atlanta has broadened it's range so much as well, it's really exciting!  you could be big time or local and boom, there you are, for thousands to see.  what i like the most is the mix of edgier, more contemporary art, with the traditional.

let's continue with some of my favorite red moments.  joel kelly, joel kelly, joel kelly.  you make a sexy room, my man.  the study just oozed sultry and i wanted to roll around in it! he was pleasant to talk to as well. :)  i like a nice bath and fancy smelling liquids at the ready always speak to me!  thank you carole weaks.  jessica bradley, how do i love thee for putting a rosary in a soap dish - i never really knew what to do with that thing!  love the color in the bdjefferies table setting downstairs!  and so healthy!  the upstairs studio, by barbara marshall howard, was a bit overwhelming to me, but totally embraces what a showhouse should be (in my opinion).  elegant, but over the top, bold and courageous, thought provoking, controversial even.  i'm still not really sure what this room is about but i love that hat thing on what i think is a piece from alan avery?  thank you, steve mckenzies, for the whimsical dresser!!  this rug, by judy bentley, is the epitome of au currant pattern meets christmas!  well played, lady!

here we are in the greenish section...  john oetgen's dining room is elegant, fun (you don't see the pink chairs in this pic!), and has a wonderful collected vibe to it!  steve mckenzies tear drop light fixture in the back stairwell is simplistic, but fills the space beautifully!  the peacock rug in joel kelly's study continues to ooze sexiness.  (and i did roll around on that rug when no one was looking!  almost knocked some stuff over but it was worth it ;)  the scale with the little owls was one of my favs!!  these were in kerry howard's fabulous laundry and mudroom.  my grandma collected owls and seeing these brought back wonderful memories :)  holy culinary dream world batman, this kitchen by robert brown is simply to die for!  i love everything about it.  i want (someone else) to make me a romantic dinner while i lounge at one of the two islands, looking glamorous, sipping my glass of expensive wine...  sigh.  the pretty presents are on the first island - my love bought me some very large pieces of jewelry this year!  in the middle on the bottom row is melanie millner's uber cool kids bedroom!!  last is a rug in mallory mathison glenn's preppy color explosion suite!  fabulous!!

onto the white.  (see what i did ;)  i am a huge fan of sculpture, mostly because it's not a skill i have, but also because of the textural quality to it.  this piece!!  i just want to put my arms around him and say "it's gonna be ok".  that and "have you been working out?" moving on.  the front grounds were lovely, limestone pavers outlined with green, yes please!  just look at this gorgeous rounded, but modern, walnut handrail!!!  throw in some white balusters and evergreen accent and good god, i'm on the stairway to heaven!! back in melanie millner's bathroom and following a very loose religious theme, i'm singing jeff buckley's "hallelujah" in my head.  quite possibly my favorite moment in the entire house!  i love everything about this!  the sculpture is simply stunning, the evergreen is festive and organic, simple, but elegant tile.  all of those together, visual perfection!!! james wheeler's covered terrance was also elegant and included the perfect vignette photo op!  artwork in the upstairs hall by chris holt reminds me of hearts, but is actually tulips :)  the master bedroom fireplace, by carole weaks.  and finally, perhaps my favorite lighting company, ochre, on display thanks to barbara westbrook!

what a beautiful showhouse!  happy holidays :)