i'm dreaming of a pink christmas...

so i was invited to design/decorate a charity christmas tree for shoppe artisan, happening this weekend at the cobb galleria!!  i'm a little rusty at this, having converted to judaism just over 11 years ago, but wow, what an excuse, i mean what a wonderful charitable event, to rekindle the themed tree decorating talent!  the benefactor is childrens healthcare of atlanta.  having spent (more than enough) time there with my own kids, i am more than happy to support them!!

i actually had a fantastic stream of consciousness thing going on and then safari shut down and now i'm not so pleased so you're getting the really condensed version...

ooohhhh design tree, pink is cool and matches logo, peace, fabulous doves at olive and cocoa, too expensive, will make them, no time, white feather boas instead, abstract art, 20 yards of tulle for tulle balls that wind up not working with the tree in the galleria lighting like they did in my living room, grrrrr, custom-sized, gorgeous, glass moravian star tree topper too heavy, friend lends wire, strap that sucker on, reminiscing about used tire planters in the front yards of myrtle beach homes, candy canes, everyone loves candy, sparkly stuff, how many times am i going to cut myself on this tree, wth, singing "at the car wash" while hanging the glass bubble ornaments, it's a love/hate relationship with the tree, this is spiraling, pull up pull up...

so, above and below is complete validation as to why i pay top dollar for professional photography.  i love small, artsy shots, but absolutely suck at the wide lens shot!  anyway, above are the components that are all part of the finished tree, which looked super cool, retro, beautiful, fun, separately!  all together, with the lights from above, um, where did the neon come from and where are my sunglasses!!??

so here's a great before and after!!  I'm seriously having second thoughts posting this!! the before looks like a tall drink of fried cotton candy, while the after looks like aliens may have invaded!!  in person it actually looks better than this picture and i am really happy with it :)  it's very girly girl, a bit retro, very sweet, definitely different, and joyful!! everything i hope for in life!

in case you were wondering, yes, i bleed glitter.