it's the final countdown...

if you too, just started singing the 80's rock classic, well, then... i like you!!  and if you have no idea what i'm talking about, here's the link :)  oh, yes, pathetic, and that's how i like it as we approach the end of 2015!!  makes me feel like we've come so far!

this post has absolutely nothing to do with synthesized 80's music.  (you're welcome)  it has everything to do with my top 10 instagram pictures.  these being determined by number of likes.  i'm a very sentimental person, so going back through pictures is fun and emotional and time-consuming for me.  but just like revisiting 80's music (and occasionally finding a particularly ridiculous photo of myself) it's worth it, because it makes me smile, and that's a good thing! :)

here are the highlights of the year of beth kooby design on instagram, plus my 3 favorites...

above we have a close up of an awesome glass bubble chandelier at bungalow classic. that's my go-to place for a good dose of pretty!  the root chandelier and insanely sexy wallpaper shot was the #1 favorite!!  not the most artistic shot, but reminds me of how incredibly fortunate i am to be doing what i love and that i have clients that allow me to push some boundaries and do things that are edgy but beautiful!!!  the bottom shot is from my recent trip to paris.  strolling along the seine.  god bless my iphone for this perfection.  i personally can't get enough of this shot.

i so love this moose on the hip, english-ish wallpaper, in the powder room of maison zen glam!!  and the next shot is in the pantry, which i threatened i was going to move into, because i knew it was going to be soooooo awesome!!!  on the bottom is the proof i have a thing for multiples :)  on the left are the ceramics i went absolutely gaga for in morocco and are now neatly cataloged in my inventory!  and on the right is a pic of an anthropologie display.  they hit it every time with their store decorations and there was no other perfect way to usher in the holiday season than an alcohol-inspired chandelier!!

it seems like only yesterday i was basking in the moroccan sun...  but it was actually about 3 months ago now that i began plotting my retirement to the mediterranean town of essaouira.  the stucco and that blue are just sheer perfection!  i love, love, love shadow pictures and this camel shadow picture (i'm on the very last camel) is no exception!!! what a fabulous memory!

this pic right here was the #2 favorite!!  seriously.  i learned if i wanted to really ramp up my followers on instagram, all i needed to do was hashtag star wars.  seriously.  crazy people.  ok, that's it for the public vote!  now on to my personal favorite instagram pics of 2015!!

here we have what i affectionately dubbed the "egg drop flop".  i got to volunteer at my son's school for the egg drop out the window project and this is one of the more artistic shots ;)  but it also reminds me how very wonderful it is that i now have the flexibility in my schedule to allow me to witness such incredible scientific events!!  on the bottom is a shot peering into the bottom of a bucket with sheet rock nails.  yeah, that's right, those are sheet rock nails and they couldn't be lovelier!!  beauty is truly everywhere, you just have to look :)

my final fav was taken at dex industries.  the fabricators of ridiculously fabulous concrete stuff!!!  the natural light from the skylights above makes this look like some kind of highfaluting professional shot!!  combine that with all the fantastic memories of creating things with these wonderful people and it brings me to tears!!  i laugh so hard with lauriel whenever i'm there, one might want to do a breathalyzer!  the gritty, behind the scenes messiness, is gorgeous to me and should be in a museum somewhere!!!  (and i'm very full of myself ;)

so that's it!  the top 10 plus 3 beth kooby design instagram pics of 2015.  have a fantastic new years eve rockin' out to some kickass synthesizer music and maybe some wine coolers!!