chi chi chi chihuly...

as i was going back through the (literally) thousands of photos i have on my computer looking for some random shot of a light fixture or something, i came across my photos from spring break 2014 with my kids.  i took them to seatle and portland for what i dubbed the "transportation vacation" - we rode planes, trains, automobiles, buses, trams, ferris wheels, ferries, carousels, and walked.  but!!!  one of the highlights was the chihuly museum in seatle.  it is beyond breathtaking.  i also received my membership renewal notice for the atlanta botanical gardens and guess who's coming back??!!!!!  yessiree!!!! the man himself!!  i couldn't be more excited!  i've seen him in 3 separate time zones (est, cst, and pst) - yeah, whateves, that's culture braggin' ;)  anyway.  as i looked over the pics i took i'm really floored by how phenomenal the museum is that one cannot take a bad photo.  seriously.  take a gander...

i was falling all over myself in sheer awe of the magic that is dale chihuly, thinking my kids, who were too eager to move along, weren't grasping it.  on the plane ride home, my daughter drew every single piece in her sketch book.  from memory.  one of my proudest accomplishments as a parent will be that my children absorb the magic of art. whatever they do with it is up to them.

back to the beauty of chihuly...

these are some shots in the garden, as well as one in the glass ceiling atrium with the seatle space needle in the background!  the purple spears (?) at the bottom remind me of the purple irises my mom loved so much :)

this is a color explosion.  beautiful.  inspiring.  joy.

every so often i find myself asking of art, but what's it's function?  and i want to whack myself upside my head.  how wonderful is art to feed the soul, to stir emotions, to inspire, to make us dream, to make us react.  that is worth something.  that's the function.  to feel it down deep.