sherery, sherry baby...

so the flurry of activity continues.  between my business and show house craziness one day just dumps into the next.  i've had two phone interviews this week for separate magazines for features and I have another 2 photo shoots scheduled for next week!!  it's a swirl of things to do, people to call, drawing, driving, remembering where my kids are supposed to be at what time, what their names are...  so as i sat quietly last night, checking my metrics to see who's checking me out, i came across multiple hits from the same website.  usually, for some strange reason, a rash of hits is from fastmoneynow.com or momsslammingdesigners.com, but this stream of interested parties came from designindulgence.blogspot.com.  low and behold, my new bff (she doesn't know this yet), sherry hart, has been so gracious to include my participation in the aso show house and a couple of my portfolio pics in her blog post about the show house!!!!!!  seriously, i wept.  no, really.  i've told you before, i've just given in to weeping in public out of sheer amazement, joy, integral sappiness.  as i was reading this i was in the middle of a texting session with a friend who described my reaction and current existence as "the realization that what you (i) have created has come into being".  yes!  misting up again, here's the link...

thank you sherry hart!!  please let me know when you plan to visit the house, i'd love to meet you out there and give you the personal tour of the transformation!!

(that was a frankie valli/four seasons reference up there, just in case...)