show house bath #2 tease and the big dance...

to say this week thus far has been an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement.  my powder baths for this year's atlanta symphony orchestra's designer show house must be completed (all major renovations such as painting, plumbing, ripping stuff out and patching it back together) by this friday.  from the beginning i have been all over this.  to say coordinating all the various players that are an integral part of pulling these spaces together is a challenge is also an understatement.  it's more of a highly-synchronized dance.  a haute square dance if you will.  someone could get seriously injured if you step out of line!  i stood in the grand foyer today watching the painters on very tall ladders balance their paint buckets on the top of those ladders thinking that it would really suck (and i might have to kill someone) if one of those paint cans came tumbling down and splattered my freshly laid (and insanely gorgeous beyond belief) marble floors in my powder bath off the grand staircase.  this was a real concern and i'll have you know i've medicated appropriately.

but today's post isn't about the upstairs (good girl bath), although it's looking so good it made me weep (and almost forget that yesterday my tile installer called to tell me, as i was speeding down 85 headed to meet up with mrs. zen glam in serenbe, that we may not have enough tile to finish the floor!)  um.  what the $#%%??!!  ok, really, i'm over that. i nearly had a full blown meltdown over the thought that i might have to rip out what floor was laid and somehow magically produce a new floor to lay by friday.  and do it myself cause my tile installer was already booked.  deep breaths, that didn't happen.  and james, my tile installer, earned the miracle worker of the week award for somehow turning water into marble and finishing the floor.  you have to see it in person!!

ok, ok.  on to the other powder bath i'm doing!!  i have shared many crude and completely inappropriate jokes about the vibe for this space with my vendors and fabricators (partners in crime ;).  this is the terrace level powder bath (aka the bad girl bath) and it's just off the party space.  i wanted this bath to be very sensual, in every way. i'm a very tactile person and i wanted it to be a space that you want to touch and breathe in and sort of move with.  it's the sultry space, the smokey, dimly-lit, retreat from the party that your lipstick gets smudged in.  but it's also drop dead gorgeous and shimmery and moody and interesting.  and hopefully somehow manages to keep it classy!!

the background on the faucet is driving me a little nuts, but please ignore that!

the background on the faucet is driving me a little nuts, but please ignore that!

it's looking so awesome in person!!  this is definitely a space that is pushing my own boundaries greatly, so i really hope it all comes together perfectly.  i've spent a summer on the jersey shore.  i know there's a fine line between sultry and "maybe you want the next size up, honey?"