i believe in miracles...

if you didn't sing that out loud a la tom jones, go back and do it again!!  i am a tad late on this post thanks to a 2 holidays, a duke championship game, and my birthday (i'm older now and that must be an excuse for something...).  if you are opposed to blasphemy please stop reading.

this past weekend celebrated 2 religious holidays, passover and easter.  two holidays famous for a couple of miracles.  prior to this weekend, if you were following me around with your cell phone, obnoxiously filming me in case i did something worthy of a geraldo special, you would have captured some miraculously divine intervention at the show house.  my tile installer managed to turn the statement "i don't think we're gonna have enough tile" to finish the floor of the good girl powder bath, into a stunning floor.   lest i be crucified for not finishing my space, more wallpaper was sent from heaven, delivered via fedex, to complete the walls (wallpaper hanger apparently miscalculated the amount of paper needed - paper i've had sitting around for a month and a half waiting to go up!!).  you see in the pictures below, i too, have risen from the deadly choke hold of show house stress and smoted my wallpaper pharaohs to be just. about. done. with my powder baths.  second guessing is an evil i am welcoming to the table, but will miraculously overcome!

i am truly grateful for all the wonderful people who have been with me on this show house journey.  keith, james, efron, the men of meer electric, derrick, men of someone else's painting company but so very helpful, rainey, keith, gary and his wife, and tom torrey (house mister extraordinaire and chief drama queen).  you all have been mini miracles in your existence and i am so fortunate to have had you with me on this adventure.  thank you.

moving on to other miracles...  hot damn there is finally a shower door up on the ridge!!  i still don't know what the heck the problem was with this shower door, but i was desperately trying to do a photo shoot to enter this bath in a contest and the door just wouldn't happen!  here's a itty bitty peak at half the bath.  i promise, beautiful, professional photos to come!  the miracle here it this bathroom is the first one done since diving in to this full time!

traveling east, not 40 days, but more like 40 minutes, we find ourselves in decatur shangri la, where the master bathroom solid surface trim work is still not done (don't ever plan anything else in your life, like selling your other house, around finishing anything at the new house...).  but!!!  the niche is looking really fab and check out that unicorn horn in the kids bathroom, super fly, custom concrete, back slide sink!!!  unicorn horns just scream miracles.

last, but not least, the miracle in serenbe!  mr and mrs zen glam have a facade to their new home and, praise the lord, sheet rock!!!!  it is a total religious experience that i have witnessed raw earth transform into an actual house.  it will truly be a miracle if the thing is actually done by the time their rental lease is up in a month.

just the fact that i was able to stay up and get this post out is a miracle!