meanwhile down at the farm...

believe it or not, other things have been happening at beth kooby design besides just the aso show house and gardens!  i know, right?  who knew??  the master bath on the ridge has been completed (pretty photos to be taken soon!).  a mostly happy family is moving into decatur shangri la today!!!  we're still plodding along over at the modern house in lake claire.  i've started a crazy cool house deep in the heart of decatur, i had a first meeting with a new master bath project this week, and we'll be getting some kitchen demo on and racing the baby birthing clock starting in about 2 weeks!!  there's also some boundary pushing decorating beginning at a super duper modern house by piedmont park, some lively and welcoming decorating in a contemporary foyer, and a couple of smaller things.  go on, ask me when i sleep.  you can't see what i look like presently, but it. ain't. pretty.  i do however, have a big smile on my face, and an occasional joyful tear in my eye, because this is awesome!!!  oh yeah, and i was asked to audition for a tv show - ha!!  yep, true story.  i didn't make it, but how nutso would that have been??!!

ok, blah, blah, blah.  on to the updates down in serenbe, aka, maison zen glam.


here's the exterior looking like a real house, people!!  strong men carrying in the live edge mantel piece!  rainey, aka, atlas, hoisting one of the (over the top fantastic) entry hall lights.  mrs. zen glam getting in on the fun of light delivery day.  the cesspool we all took a dip in to cool off!!  just kidding, we all would have died.

some of my favorite things!!  for today!  the gorgeously large glass dome and rope pendants over the island.  the island is that recycled green glass and concrete lusciousness in the bottom right shot!  it took 4 very strong men to get that baby into the house.  upper right makes me smile.  the fab hand made tiles to surround the fireplace, the wood for the mantel, it's walnut and simply to die for; below that are the bad ass mirror finish metal brackets that will hold up said mantel.  boxes and boxes of tile - makes me so giddy thinking about all the lovely in there!!  the big and beautiful custom cases. the ceilings in the great room go up to 18', so as my new friend, douglas hilton, would say, "go big, or go home"!  the outline on the kitchen wall makes me think of crime scene markings, but far less tragic.  cannot wait to see the tile and custom hood up on that wall.

other wonderful things happenings in the house include the to be insanely gorgeous interior stairs!!  shiplap wall treatment all the way down the stairwell and through the lower level gallery hallway, wood risers and concrete treads.  oh yes!  check out the killer "apple pie crust" edging on the pantry counters!!  the incredible (and authentically dirty) french industrial lights in the pantry!  mrs. zen glam's writing retreat room custom shelving and daybed.  beautiful, but potentially dangerous, moroccan tile in the master bath.  some of the edges are a little sharp and the builder is in a bit if a tizzy worried that someone might bleed to death in the bathroom... sigh.  last, i have fallen in love.  with this fan.  i'm the number one fan of this fan!!  oh no she didn't.  it is so time to go to bed.  

anyway, as you can see, lots of progress down in serenbe.  this is one incredible house and i am so very honored to be working with them!!