trust me...

client: "have you ever done this before?"

me: "um. no."

this past week has seen some major awesomeness in terms of let's go for it, push the envelope, i've never seen that before, and can you explain that to me one more time, please?

i am so incredibly fortunate to be working with some clients who allow me to push them just a bit and fully stretch my creative bandwidth!  to me, that's exactly why you hire a designer.  because you need the extra push to say it's ok to step out of the box, have some fun, it'll be fabulous, trust me...

first up is the powder room, like 9 damn months in the making!!  i am bananas over this space!  it all started with my concept of "hey, wouldn't it be cool if we took a root and turned it into a vanity??!!"  mrs. zen glam was on board (9 months ago...) and it only took 3 months to find the root, 1 month to modify it to accommodate plumbing, 3 attempts at the glass counter and backsplash and 5 plumbers to install it (and a f'ing partridge in a pear tree...), but here we have it! I knew all along it would be fabulous.  trust me.

please keep in mind this is iphone photography!  the wallpaper is from studioprintworks and somewhat urban english countryside and i love it dearly, sir.  you can't see the white paper mache moose head reflection in the mirror but it's there and fierce!!  trust me.

also last week, i bore witness to the spiritual design statement that is the striped wall. homeowners, contractor, and painter all questioned me.  and i made a special trip out just to meet with the painter to physically map out the stripes on the walls myself!  it's really not that complicated, but it does need to be executed perfectly.  all hail, my painting god, javier, he did a heavenly job!  

at the end of last week and over the weekend I was at my fabulous modern house clients installing a custom hemlock root chandelier in their dining room.  here's the pitch: hey. let's take a 50 year old hemlock root (yeah, the poisonous one), electrify it, and hang it over your dining table!!  whatdaya say??  trust me, it's gonna be fab and if there's ever a couple to have this in their house, it's you!  :)

this thing is so wonderful, words can't describe (i'm really hoping professional photography will be more effective ;).  thank you, thank you, michael of lighting lab !!  i was having some reservations at the end and it was michael who said, trust me, this is most incredible piece i've done.  well, ok :)

in the same house i designed custom glass pieces to sit on the 'ledge" of their living room. i started with a concept and some simple sketches and the basic premise of trust me, I think they're gonna look insane.  see the blog before here.  skip ahead a bit.  glass blower extraordinaire, hayden wilson, brought the pieces down from asheville over the weekend (actually on my mom's birthday :) and we finished installing them today!

here's hayden bringing in one of the large pieces (this is one of the things that took 5 people to create!!!).  love the root chandelier in the background!!

here's a quick shot from today, elevated bubbles (custom effervesience if you will)...

it is so hard to trust in a normal day, but when you're spending lots of money and someone is tearing up your house or proposing some crazy shitaki mushroom schemes, i understand this may be challenging.  i'm here to say, sit back, take a deep breath, and... trust me :)