happy halloween...

hello there!!!  let me tell you, life is crazy up in here!!  moving, traveling, very, very busy with clients...  life is truly wonderful, but really hard to keep on track sometimes.  my fantasy blog post is an update with snippets of all the awesome projects i have going on right now, but that would take a lot of time that i just don't have right now.  so, what i can give you, is an ode to orange post :)

i'm not a huge orange fan, but i did manage to find some pics that are far more treat than trick!

the foliage changing color in the fall, oh yes please!!  any smeg appliance, so completely adorable in any color, but loving this orange; it's actually somewhat sophisticated, not childish.  a combo of neon and sappy romantic??  sign me up!!  (haha, get it ;)  i could live in a forest of birch trees with crunchy orange leaves as my bed... ok, maybe for just one night.  go on with your out of the box bad self orange cabinets!!!  that is sexy to me.  anything morocco.  i wanna go back so badly!  i grew up drinking orange juice everyday, so to me, it's the nectar of the gods.  even better when it looks like it's being delivered as some sort of peaceful pagan offering!

i hope you all have a beautiful fall and a joyous halloween!!