she's so popular...

hello there!  how are you?  excellent, i hope!?  me??  well, to be honest, i'm a tad uncomfortable.  i was invited a couple of weeks ago to participate in traditional home's new trad talent hunt design competition.  trad home is the online version of traditional home magazine and more edgy, youthful, colorful, and dare i say, fun!!  i was so very honored to be asked, but kinda cringe at the thought of soliciting votes.  i'm just not any good at this sort of thing.  growing up, i was never. ever. the popular girl.  i was friendly with everyone, but seemed to carry the brunt of social and physical awkwardness for my small community.  in high school i started out as this pseudo punk rock chic turned cheerleader and even ascended to co-captain of the varsity cheerleading squad my senior year!  one might think this would afford me some popularity, but alas, no.  i was voted most creative though, a designation i wholeheartedly cherished!!  and so here we are, nearly 30 years later (damn.) and i'm pleading for votes, like it's homecoming or something!  i really would love nothing more than to be one of 2016s new trad designers of the year (they pick 10), really, truly, like, holy crap how awesome would that be!!?? so i will put it out there to the social media universe.  please, please, won't you vote for me (daily until march 15th), via facebook or twitter, and pass on the info to your friends, family, coworkers you harass with lame-ass memes and prayer requests??!!  thank you in advance for your support!  here's the link to vote for me.  please know that there are some super talented designers also in the running, whom i wholeheartedly support!!  such as parker kennedy and krista schwartz and tami ramsay.  so please feel free to vote for them, too!

i suck at taking screen shots, so here's a blob of the photos i selected that i think best represent what "new trad" is.

i'm really happy and proud of what i've accomplished in my time as full-time interior designer and again, am so very honored to be a part of this competition!!!  and really, isn't this much more fun than voting in our crazy primary elections!?!? ;)