this is not glamorous...

i know you all think being a designer is an uber glamorous position in society and when you see me roll up in my jeans and chuck taylors you're a bit confused.  but let me help you out.  the end result is really glamour fabulousness in an affordable, i can't believe this is really my house, magazine worthy (wink) kinda way!  let's take a peak at some behind the scenes happenings at a current bathroom project...

i am working with a wonderful young couple, in a mostly renovated bungalow, with a young son and another on the way!!!  we are renovating the existing lower level bathroom to have a bit more storage capacity and to stylishly accommodate 2 boys and guests.  i got this, don't fret.  

let's start with a few before shots to get you warmed up.

ok, really not too terrible to begin with.  but they are cool and hip and pedestal sinks suck. 

here's the pitch.  super duper fab modern wallpaper, simple, but more clean and crisp shower tiles, edgy, yet traditional, penny round floor tile in a beautiful saturated navy, and a custom vanity with an essence of craftsman!!  to quote my fabulous clients, "you knocked it out of the park on the first shot!".  well, thank you ;)

no making fun of my presentation sketch!!  and as reality happens some times, things will be slightly different in the end, thanks to things like vent ductwork and electrical blah, blah, blah.  but, you get the gist :)

here are some in progress pics...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, i love demo.  it fascinates me what goes on behind walls and floors.  nothing too crazy here, but i also have a love affair with power tools, so seeing them in action is a big thrill ;)

here's where we are now...

sooooooo completely digging the flat finish, modern, stacked mosaics from ann sacks in the tub|shower (all the way to the ceiling, thank you very much!).

here we are deciding on the direction of the floor tile and the grout color.  yes, class, you can rotate the tile sheet 90 degrees and get a completely different look!  it's hard to tell, but we're going for the slightly darker grout on the floor. 

so, here's where we get to the really non glamorous part of my job.  Early this morning, I met with the contractor to discuss the grout and a few other things.  not in a posh office, but literally in the street, avoiding being run over by the mail truck and positioning myself so as to not lose my vision with the sun laser beaming itself right into my eye (true story). we were laughing as we both traded balancing tiles and grout samples and drawings while we each took pictures for reference.  yes, people, this is how the magic really happens.  on the fly, in the street, with an iphone.  sorry.

see the car tire in the background??  that's cause we're in the street!!  and i love it!!

it only got really, truly non-glam when i later rolled up at the house to meet with the tile guy, who was finishing his lunch outside (please picture we're in the south, where the devil incarnate is the pollen all around).  he rushes inside to greet me, pulling the tissue he has stuffed in his nose (i'm assuming to "block" the pollen - people go to all lengths here, trust me!) out.  ok, dude, i am not shaking your hand after witnessing that, but let's talk grout...

it's not such a glamorous process, but this will be one super cool bathroom!!!