gettin' my foodie on ya'll...

well, thank you, i missed you, too!!!  despite the rumors, i have not shot-gun eloped, been hog-tied, or drown in a big-ole container of sweet tea!  i have, however, been preparing to get my food, drink, and designer prowess on for this weekend's upcoming atlanta food and wine fest!!  a long weekend of all food and drink things southern!! about 2 months ago (i can't even keep track anymore!) i received an email saying i had been selected to be one of the designers doing a vignette at kevin rathbun's "ones to watch" party during the festival!!  shut the screen door!!  i had just parked my car in the deck at atlantic station and sat there blubbering a bit as i reread the email a few times! opportunities like this are fantastic because, as a designer, you have a chance to push some boundaries with your own vision, get your talent and artistry seen, and, since you're invited, it means other people think you're capable+, which is tremendous!!  

so here's the deal.  each designer is paired with an up and coming southern chef. designer designs a vignette from mostly items found at adac (they're sponsoring the event) where chef serves up some amazing dish or two!!  fancy foodies come to taste fantastic food and soak up the beautiful spaces created by the up and coming southern designers!!  i believe there are still tickets available, so get you some, if you haven't already!!!  here's the link to the whole shebang, because it's such an incredible weekend of food, drink, and southern culture (yes, there is such a thang!) you'll want to experience as much of it as possible!!

here's the promo for the rathbun's event...

that's me on the bottom, in the green :)  among some really incredible designers, some of whom also did the aso showhouse with me last year!!!  i really can't say enough how honored i am.  and excited.  and freaking out just a little bit.  my amazing friend and assistant was originally going to help me with some of my install, but is now going to be out of town :(  so cross your fingers that me thinking i can do everything myself translates into me actually succeeding at me being able to do everything myself!!  with the help of some strong moving men, of course - cause some of my stuff's reeeeaaaalllly heavy and i'm not stupid ;)

here's the new head shot i had taken with this event in mind!  do you think it makes me look southern???

my photographer, jeff herr, did a great job!  this is in my dining room and my skirt was made by my mom, like 40 years ago!!  she made the fabric, too!  it's special :)

anyway... here's a little tease of the essence of my space.  

before i got word of who my chef would be, i was looking them all up (i could see the list on line) and thinking whoever i got i'd go visit and eat at their restaurant, get a feel for who they are as a chef and as a person, see their style, etc.  all things i would do with any design client.  these are all southern chefs, so we're talking north carolina, new orleans, georgia coast, tennessee...  easy enough to travel to.  well ha!  wouldn't you know, my chef is digby stridiron, from the british virgin islands!!  um, hell yes, i need to go visit!!!  unfortunately, this now requires a plane ticket, a bathing suit (ugh), and a tan (pasty white girl here).  and that little thing called time, which i don't have, hence the reason you haven't seen a blog post from me in over a month!!  anyway, digby's story is wonderful and inspiring and i'm so excited to create a space for him to showcase his talent!!  his restaurant is balter and i seriously want to go (and maybe not come back...). based on his website, i went with his use of local, sustainable, fresh food, in a beautiful, tropical locale infused with passion and art as my design direction. 

in case you want to join me, here's my inspiration pic...

yes please...