they call me mellow yellow...

ok, not really.  no one is calling me mellow.  ever.  

but!!!  here's a cool before and after of a living room where the main objective was to design around the yellow walls.  and keep it cool for adult and youngster guests!  piece of yellow cake.  please...

so above you have the after!  via my totally unprofessional iphone, with no styling whatsoever!!  so, please, no judgment ;)  but take a look at the before and i'd wager you'd think we improved things just a bit!?

so, my clients here are a cool couple, who host regular get togethers with friends and their kids, sometimes just because it's friday and sometimes for things like the oscars!  love these people :)  so the space needed to accommodate multiple ages and stand up to the wear and tear of actual use.

so the "pre" space was a bit heavy and not really fun loving and jovial, like the clients are.  so we changed that!

one of the things that was important for the lady of the house was a comfortable, but stylish recliner, so she can watch her games!!!  that's what i'm talking about!!!  early on in the design process, i was stressing over what was going to work with yellow walls.  it was a true epiphany when the color green came to me!!!  duh.  so anyway, the objective was greens and neutrals, in a more fresh, slightly modern, (but drawing on the clients love of new orleans) way.  if you notice the iron floor lamp, you might pick up on this :)

this project was such a great example of mix and match, custom and off the shelf!! and. i. love. that.  above you have custom curtains, in a fabulous schumacher print (zimba in chartreuse...love love love love this!!!!) and a custom ottoman in studio bon "blossom". please, child, let me tell you how i searched for some alternative to this damn fabric.  the swatch card says 3 yard minimum.  perfect.  that's all we need to make the round ottoman.  go ahead and search for a round ottoman.  any round ottoman.  you won't find one!!!!  sometimes, custom is really the only option.  trust me.  anyway.  we go to order the fabric and the company then says the minimum is 5 yards.  no, no, no.  i then proceed to look at every and all black and white fabric to make this ottoman happen.  to no avail.  i then get the brilliant idea to ask to tack on our yardage to someone else's order and voila, our measly 3 yards is ordered and we'e on out way to custom ottoman goodness :)  the sofa is perfect and from crate and barrel.  my go-to for well-made, reasonably priced furniture!  i'll get to that one pillow in a sec...

so on the left is the sensational ottoman (and my feet, but don't mind them ;) and on the right is the stupid, gorgeous, sexy, linen fabric that i just want to roll around in, i love it so!!!  seriously.  i could drape an entire house in this shit and call it a day!  and it's just so perfect in this space!!

so before, we had a sad, but comfortable recliner, that didn't fare so well with visiting family dogs... on the right, is the most expensive recliner ever!!!  this special piece is originally from crate and barrel (because i love them and they make really reasonably priced, high-quality furniture!) and recovered in a fabulous holland and sherry died leather!!!  so ridiculously yummy!!

last, but not least, we have the drapes!  on the left is the before.  really not too bad, but heavy and a little frumpy.  on the right, the fresh, young, vibrant schumacher fabric!!  we even kept the antique brass drapery hardware, because i tied it in with a new antique brass side table.  i'm quite pleased with the results and my client is, too!!  we have a few more small accessories to add, but overall, it's a job well done, mostly within budget ;) so mellow ;)