happy new year...

happy 2018!!!  2017 was quite the roller coaster for me personally.  from getting engaged and buying a house that needs a total gut job to my dad dying.  it has definitely been a year of highs and lows!  what has been consistent is continuing to build my business and having the pleasure of working with such fun and daring clients!  i am truly grateful for the creative freedom given to me and to getting to know some very wonderful people :)

instagram is a great historian.  below is my best of 9 instagram posts for 2017 (the ones liked the most by followers and random people).  in review, i see a year of color and pattern and happy and fun and fresh!!  exactly how i want my designs to be.

7 of the 9 photos are from my project in marietta.  it has been a project full of color and fun, like wallpaper on the laundry room ceiling!!  the cabbage picture is from an evening of cooking a new recipe with my daughter.  i am over the moon she wants to cook with me!  the black and white floor tile is in a former client's new home (it was a year of ups and downs for her, too!) and I'm so glad i was able to help make her new space be better suited to her style!

while instagram followers have their favorites, i have my own... and here they are:


i don't usually take pictures of people.  i don't think i'm a very good portrait photographer.  i like the weird, artsy shots.  but these i like a lot!!  the first is a selfie while watching the solar eclipse.  that was a far cooler experience than i thought it would be!! and the black circles rounding my head just cracked me up ;)  cause, you know, i'm the sun ;) !!  the middle picture is simply perfection in timing (if i do say so myself).  a nun in bogota, colombia, looking up at the phenomenal light in the sky (one of my memories of that trip in june was the stunning light from above).  i still wonder what was on her mind. the third shot is of my daughter on a carousel across the street from the eiffel tower!  i took her to paris for spring break and neither of us will forget that trip!!  to me, the shot is a perfect juxtaposition of childhood fun and historical beauty!!

the upper left shot is from a trip to hilton head with my kids, a place we go every year. even when it's overcast, the beach is my happy place!  upper right is a "through the bramble" shot of the beach at tayrona national state park in colombia.  i have a thing for silhouettes and this one is extra special, since i survived the caimans and alien centipedes to share the photos ;)  the bottom left is one of the many gorgeous, colorful doors in cartagena, colombia!  the color combo shows up later in my marietta project master bathroom!!  the yellow umbrellas in the bottom right are from ladybird cafe on the belt line in atlanta.  this particular night, my love and i were enjoying the perfect weather and just being with each other!  and i love the contrast of the yellow and black!

i am so grateful for all the experiences of 2017, the beautiful and the sad.  it's what makes life meaningful and interesting.  i wish you all beautiful memories and sincere moments, whether you find them in your home, on another continent, or just hanging out!