it's a blitz...

is it a football blitz (tis the season, you know)??? it is meatloaf’s ballroom blitz??? an eastern european cheese-filled pancake??? (actually that’s a blintz…)

no. it’s a media blitz for beth kooby design!!! no tackling, awkward dance moves, or blood sugar checks required!

the past month or so has been incredibly ah-mazing in terms of media coverage for me and i am so grateful and overjoyed!! we’ll work backwards. most recently, styleblueprint.com published an article featuring my wonderful marietta house project. field editor/writer, lisa mowry, did such a nice job of highlighting the best photos of the project mixed with my journey from healthcare to full-time interior designer.

here’s the link to the digital article: https://styleblueprint.com/atlanta/everyday/a-warm-and-soothing-home-with-bright-design-details/


earlier this year, i was honored to be a part of atlanta’s first ever modern showhouse, sponsored by atlanta magazine home and a part of the modern atlanta design festival. the fall issue of the magazine features the showhouse and all the spaces, including the master suite i designed!!


if you know me, you know i am obsessed with tile! like, i could live in a tile store!! along with the showhouse spread what’s even more awesome is that i was interviewed and featured in the same issue gushing about my favorite places in atlanta to shop for the perfect tile!!


in case you want to go all digital, atlanta magazine home’s online version is here: https://www.atlantamagazine.com/homeandgarden/where-to-buy-chic-tile-in-atlanta-according-to-designer-beth-kooby/

a big thanks to another local magazine, atlanta home improvement, for including me in their cohort of professionals with something relevant to say about renovation!!

here’s the link to the digital version, highlighting my 2 cents on smart decisions in bathroom renovation: https://issuu.com/atlantahomeimprovement/docs/my-home-improvement-1118-1218/60

on a side note, instagram is pretty amazing, if you didn’t already know. any likes, follows, shares, whatever, only serves to help me in the one-up-manship with my middle-schoolers and the social media popularity contest. so i need you people!! please follow me or at least comment (positively :) on any post where i or my designs are mentioned :) my kids need to understand i dominate that world, they don’t need to waste their time stressing about their numbers… they need to simply be good people.

special thanks to circa lighting and kitchens post daily for sharing some of my stuff :)

as a good polish girl, i love a tasty blintz, but as an interior designer, honored by the attention and recognition, i’m running with the blitz!!!