happy father's day...

this year, father's day is the epitome of bittersweet.  as you may recall, my dad died last november.  a month before, my man had asked my dad for my hand in marriage.  the end of my last conversation with my dad before he died was him asking if my fiancé was "handy".  at the time, i sorta crossed my fingers and said , "of course!"...

so let's take it back...


back in 1997, i had moved to hoboken, nj.  the next year i bought my first home.  it was an apartment in a brownstone.  it was a total mess and i was so excited to be able to make it my own.  my dad came up to help me start the demo and the first words out of his mouth were "what the hell have you done??"  slightly confused, i said "i bought a dump and it's perfect!!!"  i expected my dad to see the potential and believe that i would make it fabulous.  i actually did and it started me down the road of serial renovator.  my apartment was on the third floor and i have the fondest memories of my dad and i chucking debris out the back window into the backyard of the building, then going downstairs and throwing the debris over the fence into the construction dumpsters on the property behind mine ;)  he taught me i could do anything and for that i am forever grateful.  

2 weeks ago, the modern style showhouse opened and i am incredibly honored to be one of the designers participating.  3 years ago, i participated in the aso designer showhouse and my dad was able to attend the opening night celebration.  it meant the world to me to be able to show him, hey look, whether it's a dump or a highfaluting mansion, i have a vision and can do it.  

my space in the modern showhouse is one of the owner's suites (bedroom, bathroom, and closet).  my initial scheme was black and white, so i thought, why not honor both my parents, both of whom have been tremendous influences on my life and careers (i've had multiple ;). 


that's my mom on the right (duh) and my dad on the left.  my mom actually took the photo of my dad in the 70's and it's so rolling stone magazine i can't stand it!!!  i am so blessed to appreciate both my parent's influences and know they must be smiling down on me!!

but back to being handy and the question of whether my fiancé is or not...  i was married to this man last weekend and in the month and a half prior, he nearly-single handedly turned our backyard from over-grown ivy jungle to romantic, civilized gorgeousness!! so, yes, dad, he's handy and then some!  he is my partner in renovation, in life, and now in parenting.  he too, deserves a happy step father's day shout out.  on this bittersweet day, i'm leaning more sweet :)  as much as my kids are sad to have lost their grampa, they are also thrilled to have gained a step dad.  one who's ready to demo, dream, construct, and garden through life!

Beth and Dan backyard.JPG

so happy father's day to all the men who have an impact on some child's life.  you are influential, you are needed, you are remembered and celebrated, and you are appreciated.