light and bright

light and bright is exactly how i'm feeling right now!  i had a very productive meeting with a new client AND a lunch meeting with a tremendously talented modern architect today (all in one day - craziness!)!  oh, and then there's this...

i am so deeply honored to be one of this year's atlanta homes and lifestyles bath of the year contest winners i just really can't find any suitable words!!!   i happened to be on the phone with my beyond fabulous cabinet maker (who built the cabinetry in the winning bath) when i opened the magazine for the first time.  he got an ear-full of joyful blubbering.

the two other winning firms are well-known talents and i have respected their work for some time.  one of the other designers, georgia rappole, was in one of my classes at SCAD!  go SCAD!!  i submitted an entry this year with the intention of just maybe getting an honorable mention (like back in 2009 - see here).  i made a pact with myself that even if i got just a little blurb of validation then i was going for it (the whole pursuing interior design full time thing, you know :).  and how bout them apples, i'm an actual winner!!!  check it out...

AH&L 2014 articlepg2.jpg
july 2014 issue!!  beijos,  beth

july 2014 issue!!