happy valentine's day...

to all you lovers and those hoping for love!!  love can sneak up on you when you are just not looking for it.  when you'd given up, perhaps, or when you think you just don't have the capacity.  it can come from out of the blue or it can be right under your nose for years...  

i am a hopeless romantic, so even when single, i still think celebrating love is a good and necessary thing, not just today, but everyday!  love to me is playful, honest, a little bit gritty, adventurous, and makes you feel all sparkly inside!!

i was so excited to learn that clients of mine recently got engaged, after 6 or so years together, building a home together, and traveling the world together!!  they will be married in an intimate ceremony in their home and have a blow out party with their friends in another country (belize to be exact!!), because, why the hell not?!  

even if you're not getting engaged today, happy day of love, wherever you find it and wherever it takes you!!