best of instagram 2016...

2016 has been a wonderful year (despite all the deaths and you know, politics...)!!  it's also been an incredibly busy year and I have been truly blessed with some fantastic clients and projects!  you'll have to just believe me on that, since I've blogged about next to nothing this year!  but i promise, it's a new year, and there are quite a few final photos to be taken and quite a few more new projects gettin' going!!!!  yay!!!

anyway, back to instagram!  i've never really used it to promote my business.  it's always been more of a "here's where my artsy, weird, eye goes and the things i find visually interesting".  as i round up the top ten instagram shots, it would seem the people who connect with my account prefer shots of things i've actually designed!  i'm cool with that, but i'm still gonna take pics of moss, and shadows, and leaves, and broken eggs...

let's get to it!  there were a few ties, so please don't think i drank my math skills away last night.  i'm aware there are more than 10 pics in my top 10 :)


these happen to be two of my favorite spaces!!  on the left is the finally finished modern house (stay tuned for some hopefully reeeeeaaaaallllly exciting news about this project!!!!!  i am bananas over that floor!  on the right, is the master bedroom of a client i've been working with for most of the year renovating the entire condo and now we're onto furnishings and decor!!  the whole combo is divine and we don't even have the mattress or bed linens, yet!!


if you follow me on instagram, you probably know i'm crazy over these glass bubbles i had custom blown for my uber cool clients.  i have to take a pic everytime i'm over there, i love them so!  this shot is in the fall and the coloring of the trees is perfection!  on the right are two of the rugs i brought back from morocco that i used in my office refresh. apparently, lots of other people like rug closeups, too :)


as you can see, 4 pics scored the #8 slot!  funny to me that they all seem to go with each other quite nicely!  the top left is a crazy, funky, new faucet from dxv (the water comes up through the pattern, people!!!).  i took that on my trip to nyc, courtesy of ferguson's first look program!  honored to have been a part of that!  top right is a custom ottoman for a fun redecorating project i did in the spring!  (feel free to take a gander at the post about it here).  bottom left are those fabulous bubbles again, but from springtime!!  in the lower right is the sensational antique library cabinet in front of the super duper "reptilian" wallpaper in my uber cool clients' dining space!!!  in case you're wondering, it's now filled with custom-potted foliage :)


this is the full size!  instagram crops to a square, so lucky you!!!  you get to see it in it's entirety!!

this is the full size!  instagram crops to a square, so lucky you!!!  you get to see it in it's entirety!!

this is a painting my mom did a loooong time ago.  my mom also died a looooong time ago and this piece was on the wall in my aunt's home, also for a looooong time.  each time i visited her i'd ask if i could have it and each time she said "no, when i die".  sadly, my aunt died waaaaaaay too soon.  i didn't need this piece that badly :(  but now i do have it and it continues to be, as it always has been, an inspiration to me!  i see a person leaping from the earth to heights unknown, but joined by, or protected by, a dove (perhaps spiritual??), both soaring to something big and beautiful (like the sun!!  or maybe that's blood...either way it's lovely to me! ;).  my mom was such a skilled watercolorist!  something that i will most likely never be (i prefer acrylics, but haven't painted in years).  but that doesn't mean i can't aspire to the beauty in this piece.  i still miss my mom so much and it thrills me that i can share her work on instagram and know that so many other people think it's beautiful, too :)


love this shot!!  i've been working with this awesome couple for a while now and we've been inching along.  this is an "almost done" shot of part of their revamped master bedroom, complete with custom cloud-like drapery and custom side tables!!!


in case you've dozed off, here's a power shot of color from this fall!!  i took this while visiting one of my good friends from childhood, while we were walking in her neighborhood!  pretty sure there's no filter on this, just nature in all it's colorful glory!!


now, you know i've got a thing for bathrooms... like, i could probably live in most of the ones i design!!!  on the left, is a shower in progress for the early teen boy of the house, who actually cares about design!  his bathroom may be my fav space in the entire house thus far (and i've designed the entire house!!)!  on the right, is the ceiling shot from one of my powder baths in the 2015 aso designer showhouse and gardens.  i couldn't share any pics of it until the spread in traditional home (yeah, that one ;) came out this spring!!! what's even more fun about instagram is when other grammers share your pic and it gets that many more "likes".  case in point, this picture was shared by hyggeandwest (the lovelies that make the wallpaper i used) and circa lighting (where the amazing light came from).  their shares had a total of 1589 likes!!!!  holy love fest, batman!!!


many things make me laugh.  this really makes me laugh!  i thought it was sweet that my daughter left one of her barbies to dry next to the faucet.  she almost seems to be taunting anyone brushing their teeth with that damn perfect smile, but that's an issue for another blog...or maybe my therapist, but whatever!  Glad to know, there are others who share my humor and liked this shot enough to land it in the #3 spot :)


the tie for #2 is a nice testament to me really liking to have fun with design!!  on the left are the fabrics for the teenage hang out room i'm designing for some awesome clients!! along with the parents, we had input from 2 of the 3 teens who will get to hang out here and i feel really good about the vibe!!!  on the right are the globes for the huge open bookcases in the living room of the unusual live/work building i finished last year!  the one with the metal facade fireplace between the huge open bookcases!! :)  also on the list for final photos!!

and finally... #1

this gem right here is beyond fabulous to me and i'm sooooo glad others agree!!!  in reality, it's right up the hall from the cloud-like master bedroom in one of the other shots, but more edgy!!  i can only pray the final (read, professional shots) turn out even better!!! rooms like this also remind me how truly exciting my job is and how sincerely grateful i am to have clients who let me push the boundaries just enough to create something really special!!!

so there you have the top 10+ instagram shots of bethkoobydesign from 2016.

here are my favorites:

so my favorite instagram posts of 2016 highlight some of the most meaningful things to me.  i find nature awe-inspiring and cherish the times when i can just wander and take it all in.  i'm also amazed at the power of my phone to take such phenomenal photos!!!! above are pics from 3 different seasons, which is also kinda nice.  it's really been a wonderful year, the whole way through.  i'm a huge fan of shadow pics and having my daughter next to me (not in my shadow, mine you!) at the beach, going along with the artsy shot, 'cause she "gets" it, too, is just peachy keen :)

i hope you've had a beautiful 2016, too!  i wish you all love and peace and colorful, fantastic memories for 2017!!!