welcome back from vacation!

hello there!  even though i was basking in the sun and frolicking in the surf with my kids last week, this week is off to a pretty stellar start!  while on vacation, i was managing some delicate construction issues for client professor smarty pants long distance, so that was tricky and slightly stressful.  but!!!  when i visited the site on monday, work on the 2 story library in a super cool loft, my expectations were exceeded (which is reeeeealy hard to do)!  here is chris, construction god, who i may need to marry, in the lower level of the library, note the custom bookcases with 2" trim behind him (size does matter people ;).  you can also get a glimpse of the fantastic urbanscape from the upper level of the library, where client professor smarty pants will sip his perfect drink and become... smarter.


on the way back from the beach i received a message i had to read about 4 times before believing it!!  i'm meeting this week with a new client that needs help with her entire house.  yep, that's right the entire house, new construction.  if there ever was a dream project this is probably it.  she is wonderful and we seem to be in total sync style-wise. o.m.g.  more on this later, please send some positive energy our way as this is a tremendous opportunity and i am waaaaay beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moving on through the week thus far.  i had day 2 of photo shooting at my casa with my super photographer, jeff herr.  the next sets of shots are definitely not professional, they are i phone especial, including one action shot of jeff laying down on the job!


cheers to all the new subscribers joining me on this fantastic journey.  thank you so much for being here!