does this diaper make me look fat...

i'm feeling a little self conscious about my undergarments lately as i've been so busy there's not even time to retire to the ladies room.  oh my...

life is great, but really truly busy and my mantra has been "don't #&%$ it up, don't #&%$ it up"!  for those of you waiting on me, you can't know how much i appreciate your patience as i continue to navigate this self-employment/time management thing.  man, it's tough, but every day i am so incredibly grateful for this tremendous opportunity to follow my passion, so pretty please, bear with me!!

here are some brief snapshots of progress on 4 of the bigger projects i have hitting the fan right now.

here we are at decatur shangri-la.  the first shot is the new, raw hardwood floor along side the hideously ugly orange-stained old hardwood floor.  the new floors are going to be better than even i imagined!!!  kids bathroom floor tile and shower tile (only a couple of mild issues to fix there!).  the kitchen, which sadly still pretty much looks the same, except now we have what appears to be giant cocoons hanging from the ceiling.  mildly concerning.  in the master bath, things are progressing toward tiling...that's the shower in case you were scratching your head!  lastly, mini sample of the super fab concrete for the kids bath trough sink (complete with unicorn horn inlays - oh yeah, it's gonna be so incredibly cool!!!!!), possible cabinet and wall colors!

next we travel up to the house on the ridge where the (cute) tile master, james, is hard at work transforming the master bath from framing and trash to a marblicious luxury retreat! the vanity and gorgeous urban electric co chandelier are hanging out in her bedroom and i know she's tired of sharing her space :)

moving on to the modern house, just a sneak peek at the fireplace, that i'm, quite frankly pleasantly surprised to see!! I have big, metallic, fantabulous designs on this facade but i don't know if they'll be realized... take a gander at those fantastically high ceilings!!  and all that sexy duct work.  yeah baby.  we also have a small shot of the quintessential modern window playing nicely with sleek hardy board and brick (all to be painted).  last up is a teaser of what's happening in the master bath.  the japanese-style bath.  it's going to be so breath-taking i can't stand it!!!!

last but definitely not least...maison zen-glam, down in serenbe!  anyone care to add up all the miles on my car in the past 2 weeks??  i actually surpassed the 100k mark on my odometer and didn't notice for 60 miles!!!!  (that pissed me off actually.  i wanted to instagram that moment :( )

on the left is live from morocco!  yeah that's right!  one of the 3 custom doors being hand carved in morocco!  omg omg omg!!!  i know, get out of town!!  i cannot wait to see these things in person!  i also have a small shot of the fireplace tile (so beautiful), next to the ridiculously special concrete for the kitchen island and counter tops and the entranceway tile (which is not grey, but white).  a little sampling of some lovely for the master bedroom, which is the view in the next framing shot. 2 of the carved doors will be in the middle there!  that droplet of insanity is part of a custom chandelier to hang above the master bath tub and i am literally salivating for it's installation.  using a spare diaper to wipe my mouth, pardon me.  framing tub shot!

going to bed now...