let the games begin...

so my mantra for dealing with participating in this years atlanta symphony decorator's showhouse is essentially, "don't freak out!".  i almost did just that as i ordered the new marble floor tile for the upstairs powder bath i'm designing.  this is, as i've said before, such a huge opportunity for me, and i just don't want to blow it!!  or even just play it safe. i want to knock it out of the park and score one for the team on the opposite side of town!

i met with my plumber fantastic today, who proceeded to drain most of the color from my cheeks and flush me down the drain of reality as he disconnected the faucets and removed the toilets from the 2 powder rooms i'm redoing.  this may not seem like a big deal, but for me, it's really real now.  i'm ripping stuff out and it needs to be replaced and it needs to be fantastic and it needs to be worthy and most importantly, it needs to be completed by the time the showhouse opens!!!!!

below are just some random snaps.  the first is the drop dead sexy black nickel faucet that kallista has bestowed upon me!!!  next up is a shot from the street which is meant to show all the vehicles belonging to the men who are going to make the magic happen behind the scene!  the plumbers, the electricians, the demolishioners, the random hottie with a tool belt...  there is my good girl bathroom (i'm still deciding on the name :) without the toilet - and of course, my plumber informs me that the flange needs to be changed and hopefully we can work at it from below, and is the new floor tile going to be the same height as the old, and oh there's a leak at the sink...  omg.  sweating now.  which leads me to the next pic of me showing my true crazy dorko side with the fantabulous pulls, custom made by matthew quinn collection, for the bad girl bathroom (still working on that name, too :)

coming back to the normal work life brings me to an update on my decatur shangra-la house!  if you think everything always goes perfectly smoothly in design, well, you're shackin' up in my fantasy world!  case in point.  we've installed the floor tile that we all liked, but the color came out much darker than expected and the lady of the house "hates" it.  that's a strong word and we can't be having that!  fortunately the square footage is small and the additional cost to change the tile will be minimal in the grand scheme of things... the first pic is the super cool concrete for the back slide sink (crazy insane rad man!!) with new options for the floor.  the next 3 shots are the new, custom cabinets in the kitchen!!!  i can't tell you how happy i am that these actually look better than decent!  i was nervous working with someone without having seen any of their prior work.  we have a couple of tweaks, but otherwise exemplary work!  please note the nausea-inducing orange hardwood floors that are due to be refinished!!

that's all for now...