peace pretty please...

there are times when i am so spot on with math and numbers and equations and such - i actually really love doing my own taxes, it's like a game to me!  there are times when i am all over the creative thing, manic actually, and ideas just fly onto the paper like some sorcerer directed them there via magic wand!  there are times when i juggle 2 frantic phone calls at once and am responding to multiple emails dealing with this situation or the next and my mind is racing and i'm not dropping the ball on any of it!  and then there are times when things just need to slow down a bit and i need to get clear and wander and just kind of simmer with my hopes and dreams and fantasies (interior design, people.).  

when i lived in nyc, my two favorite places to get lost in my head were the fabric stores on west 39th and 40th st and the abc home store (7 story emporium, actually).  i was searching for something for a client this morning and opened an email from abc announcing their new arrivals.  i just had to take a break and day dreamed I was hoisting open the large glass entrance doors and walking up each flight of the stairs built way back when (20s or 30s maybe?) to each floor of various era fantasy, handmade, sustainable, organic, vintage, urban edgy, made with love...

so here are some of the "new" things i'm diggin' today and day dreaming about before i dive back into the beautiful crazy that has become my typical existence :)