you think you were a nester...

oh no.  have i got the queen of the nesters for you!  and by nester i mean exactly what you think i mean.  a pregnant woman preparing her home for her impending child. sometimes kinda unbeknownst to the dad, but in this case, there's no possible way he's not aware!  if you are pregnant and think it's a perfectly good idea to dismantle half your house (including your kitchen and master bathroom) 2 months before your baby is due, call me!!  i'll buy a ticket on your crazy train and we'll ride off into the sunset or the maternity ward, whichever comes first, together!

i love my super nesters dearly and am praying to any and all construction gods on my side that everything falls into place just fine :)  i really think it will.  the contractor is on it! of course, demo is usually the easiest part, but whatever, i'm still optimistic!  this is an exercise of "if it's not in stock, it's not happening."  ok, on with some pictures...

oooooo hello!  buh bye parquet floor that doesn't match the rest of the floors, "vintage" stove, and yucky cabinets.  the galley layout will essentially stay the same, but will be more open and beachy keen!  the homeowners want a beachy, cottage feel and that's what they'll get.  neutral grey cabinets, butcher block counters, sandy ceramic floors, and slight nautical touches here and there!

everytime i see this built in bar (in the living room) i feel compelled to belch out "how you doing??".  i can't help it.   i am, like, so over this popcorn ceiling.  there's a lot of it throughout the house and it's all getting removed!  oh glory day :)  the living room will be completely transformed by opening up the ceiling and vaulting it.  that's one way to remove the popcorn effect.

my clients call this the "holiday inn" bathroom.  no offense to holiday inn, of course, but for god's sake there's carpet in there people!!  carpet.  in the bathroom.  and orangey laminate countertops and pink shower tile.  they have given up on the shower curtain rod that won't cooperate and usually use the other bath instead.  we'll continue the beachy feel in here with a pretty white, louvered double vanity, sandy floor tile, simple, white subway tile and ocean glass accents.

since these pictures were taken a little while ago (like 2 months or so) and we've finally gotten around to sledge hammering this awfulness, let's take a gander at where we stand now.  2 months away from baby...

if i were completely sane, i might be a tad concerned that there's no way in hell we're going to have their house looking pretty and actually functional by the time baby arrives. but i've done a gut job before with a pregnant client and i have video of myself, at 8 months pregnant, tiling my master bath, so none of this worries me in the least bit. renovation is kinda like labor.  you can plan all you want, but in the end, no matter how you want things to go, someone's going through a lot of pain and crying and sweat and perhaps a little blood, but the end result is far better than you ever could have imagined and so very much worth it.  (tearing up now...)

stay tuned for progress!