anything's possible, lady...

if you have worked with me, you've probably heard me say this in relation to what can be done in design and construction.  at it's core, it's really an obnoxious phrase that was said to me a loooong time ago, by some contractor, who, after I explained what I was trying to accomplish (something apparently never done before.  ever. ;), said "anything's possible, lady", while holding up his fingers, making the universal gesture of $$$.  sigh. why must i be so out of the box??  ;)

alas.  sometimes custom is really the only way to go.  because you're special, you can afford it, you, too, think outside the box (or want others to think you do;), you're different, or perhaps,  your designer has looked at 124 other night stands and still nothing fits the bill (seriously)!

regardless of reason, i love, make that really love (!!!!!!!) doing custom stuff.  like, it's the dream, bomb, and f'shizzle all in one!!!!  this week has been particularly heavy on the completion or final decision making of several custom pieces i have in the works. hopefully, you will stick around to see all of these in their individual photo shoots...

first up is a fire box coffee table for my uber cool modern house clients.  no pressure here. only the company holiday party at their house and there's all kinds of scrambling and weekly conference calls (husband's picture is next to type a on wikipedia and has managed to wrestle me into weekly calls to keep everything on target :).

on the left, is the terrazzo concrete top in the polishing process.  there will be a firebox that drops  down in the middle there!!!  fun with fire!  on the right is my favorite metal guy showing me the difference of the "smoothed" weld vs the "raw".  twice after this i've had to go back and pick a powder coat color so everything will be a consistent color... this piece is going to be ah-mazing!!!!

same uber cool house is the custom 7' long metal planter for the niche next to their indoor fireplace!!!  cascading foliage will inhabit the box, bringing life to the living room!!!  this is just below the glass bubbles (if you're a true bkd fan ;)

over in the midtown high-rise, we have a couple of custom pieces happening.  we ordered the chairs on the left in a beautiful cloud-like fabric and the art on the right is being reframed!  framing always makes me super nervous.  you just get to see one little bitty corner and it's f'ing expensive!!!

in the same home, we've had this piece out on approval as a tv stand contender and decided the shape/design is awesome, but the color is off.  so.... anything's possible, lady!  stain that shit a lovely light grey and it. will. be. fabulous.

another newer client of mine had started the process of a custom dining room table with the incredible jp mcchesney when he realized he needed help picking out final colors and like, everything else ;)  we've got the color and he should be eating at his "adult" table this week!!  just need to find him something to sit on...

the other incredible modern house is inching slowly toward completion (believe it or not, not everyone has the means to knock absolutely everything out at once - this is real life people.).  i had ordered the pompom curtains from anthropologie, but they were never delivered and then they were no longer carrying them!  no!!!!!  what's a girl to do?!  have them custom made!  duh. anyway, they look so lovely in the master bedroom.  i was a tad nervous they might look childish, but they really don't.  ethereal and whimsical at the same time!!

one of my other truly awesome clients had a birthday this week!  so why not give her a pic of the just about finished custom nightstands for the master bedroom (yeah, the one that could have had 124 other nightstands...).  custom doesn't always have to be something completely different that anything you've ever seen (although, honestly, my favorite line for any tradesperson to say to me is "i ain't never seen that before."). sometimes, it's tweeking a piece to get the dimensions just right and maybe changing the texture and color.  and the depth of the drawer.  and adding a concealed pull.  and adding legs to accommodate the in floor vents.  ok, maybe it is completely different??

finally, we have something for me!  that's right!!  my new place!!  i'm getting a little cra-cra and recovering my sofa cushions with this ridiculously silly, yet cool, stick bug fabric and i'm trimming it with brush fringe (for a slightly traditional feel, cause i moved into a 1920s apartment and i'm channeling a more traditional lady of the house :)

yes, this was all really the past week.  i'm exhausted.  fortunately the tea leaves at the bottom of my wine glass tell me all will turn out phenomenal and perfect and on time and within budget and my clients will think i'm the most creative, effective, fabulous designer alive!!

after all, anything's possible, lady!! ;)