gut check...

hello!!  it's nice to be back from the dead.  i don't even remember the beginning of the week, but i'm pretty sure i spent most of it in bed with a miserable cold.  sadly, when you own your own business and you are sick, the world does not stop (nor are you paid sick time!  i must have skimmed over that part in my contract).  fortunately my illness did not involve anything gastrointestinal, but not being able to think straight or follow up appropriately with clients had my intestines in a bit of an anxious wad.

i did manage to make it to my client on the ridge where demo on her master bath started this week!!  seeing tile ripped out and walls coming down gives me that upside down tummy feeling you get on a roller coaster.  ok, well, maybe not that intense.  i don't actually like roller coasters, but i looooove demo!  oddly, after the giddy feeling passes there's a wave of holy crap what am i doing to this very nice lady's bathroom??!! fortunately, i really do have extreme confidence that this bath is going to be spectacular! i promise to share the after pics, but for now let's have a look at the gut job in progress!

glorious, isn't it???!!!  i got butterflies in my tummy just uploading these photos again. (this is probably some sort of weird, un-named syndrome...)  but, that's also how i know i'm doing the right thing, because it's so exciting, and a little bit terrifying, like a roller coaster is supposed to be!  hopefully the end result is a beautiful new master bath she loves and not a barf bag.

in other news...the butterflies in my stomach yesterday were more active than ever as i got word of some reeeeaaalllly big news!!!!!!!!  i can't tell you exactly what that is until after the press conference.  that's right!!!!!  the press conference!!!!!  news so big there's a press conference (or maybe just a little one-liner somewhere that only a select few might happen to catch a glance of).  nah!!!!!  it's huge news people and my stomach is flipping out!!!!  can't wait to share!  stick around.