my week in texture

this past week felt a little time-poor, but texture-rich.  


over the weekend i had a nice lunch meeting with my favorite contractor.  the table tops at varuni napoli looked so similar to a table i'd seen at modern atlanta week it gave me an excuse to chat up the super fine owner, who's accent i could barely understand (really matters not when you look that good), but who did confirm the tables were by jp mcchesney.  i skipped a world cup party to keep working and had everything nice and tidy for the meeting, only to change my mind on a few things at the last minute and fling myself back into the time crunch!  the meeting went wonderfully and the next day we found a gorgeous grey extra large and in charge planter for somewhere in the house!! the patina is perfect!  the next day we found the living room rug (at a lower cost than the rug i'd originally proposed - score!), which is not only beautiful to look at but feels lovely on the tootsies.  i also came across a ridiculous driftwood wall art piece for client zen glam that is really amazing (and it's also sinking in that i'm really working on this project!!!!!!!!)...breath...then threw the kids in the car to head to grampa's house on the lake.  more time-poorness thanks to dsl, but the texture here was extra special as my kids had a blast doing cannon balls off the dock and even found a deserted bird's nest! doesn't get much better than that!


can you match the image to the texture??