a bathroom for my dad...

last fall my dad came to live with me for 2 months while he underwent his cancer treatment at emory.  preparing for this major life hurdle for most might have involved quiet reflection, stocking up on some extra towels or pillows, actually buying the tv i promised him (i don't have a tv in my house), etc.  

but, no, not this crazy child.  i thought it best to plunge into a full throttle renovation of my downstairs bath because that's what an insane person would do.  my dad loves to spend time outdoors and with his garden and flowers.  so i went with a fresh, lively look that might lift his spirits and feel like a garden of sorts.  i never got the shutters on the windows, so it was truly kind of like being outside.  he has previously had an outdoor shower so he's used to the concept of public nakedness.  :)

things were not completely done by the time he finished treatment (of course they weren't you crazy person, because you started a month before his treatment began and then couldn't have anything happening while he was here feeling shitty!).  but......here are the professional shots of the completed space, which i simply adore.  sometimes i just stand in there and gawk in awe of the beautiful cabinet designed by moi and built by my fabulous cabinet artisans extra-ordinaire, bob and kyle.  o.m.g.

my dad likes it too.


a very special thanks to my wonderful photographer, jeff herr.