somewhere beyond the sea...

i have a friend who recently moved into a sweet loft with soaring 20 foot ceilings.  he asked for some advice on finding the perfect "aegean sea" color for one of the walls. (only after i began searching for aegean sea images did i realize i was misspelling aegean in my communication re the matter!!) of course autocorrect kept highlighting agean in red, but i refused to consider i might actually be spelling it wrong because autocorrect has done such damage to it's own reputation, why would i believe it?? anyway, thoughts of the aegean sea took me back to some very cherished memories of days gone by.  including time spent in, on, by, overlooking the actual aegean sea with my dad.  it is a magical place and every bit as beautiful as you can imagine!  a memory marred only by the fact that i spent a month at age 15 with my dad in europe and at this point was sunburnt, had my hair brutalized by a "hairstylist" in athens, had spent waaaaaay too many hours on italian trains next to live chickens (seriously) and was severely homesick for my normal life of cheerleading camp and american food! of course, i wouldn't trade that experience or the laughter of my dad and i recalling our adventures for anything!

my other special memory is taking ballroom dancing lessons in an elementary school cafeteria in hoboken, nj with my then boyfriend.  i had previously been a professional ballroom dancing instructor (seriously) and this was his attempt to connect with me on that level!  i will never forget navigating the cafeteria via fox trot to bobby darin's "beyond the sea".  he tried hard and it meant the world to me :)

i decided to take myself on a mini color vacation and soak in the beauty that is this color i'm just gonna refer to as aegean sea blue.

gorgeous, isn't it?