prepare to be overwhelmed...

the next stop on my extra long vacay was to morocco!  i've been overwhelmed just trying to reign in all the beautiful photos, so it has taken me some time to get to this point of actually posting something!  i have wanted to visit morocco for a very long time and just assumed it wouldn't be the safest trip as a single female.  this was idiocy.  there were a couple of times where i was noticeably the only american.   i find this kind of thing kinda exhilarating.  i think more americans should put themselves in that situation...  and i was completely safe at all times!

ok!  back to the good stuff!  there will be a part 2, so stay tuned!  i've been so busy trying to get back into everything, i just can't do it all at once, people!!

one of my favorite hashtags is "lookupanddiscoversomething".  i think this practice is important.  there are things above us that are wonderful and interesting and complex and thought provoking.  and we miss them if we only stay focused on what's directly in front of us.  just a sampling might be a textural stairway in the ben youssef medersa, the lattice over the upper terrace where we had sunrise yoga (i should mention the reason i conjured up enough nerve to travel to morocco solo was because i signed up for an amazing yoga retreat with eatpraymove!  it was perfect!!  activities planned out, our beautiful instructor and founder, erin, is living her dream, the food was insane, our retreat location was none other than peacock pavilions!!!)  back to looking up!  the sky above the main mosque in marrakech.  the lattice above the bar at the lunch spot in essaouira (the blue sky was so pretty I can't stand it!!).  that is the overhang outside the marrakech airport!!  that's the sky you can see through the cut outs!!  really!  the lights in the stairwell of the restaurant we went to, azar.  the last shot is looking up from my bed on my last night in marrakech.  my retreat was over, but i (accendently/subconsciously??) stayed an extra night in a 4 star hotel closer to the medina (more on this later - it was awesome!!!)

do you think you know a handy man here in the states?  well, he's got nothing, nothing!!, on the plaster carvers of morocco!!  holy intricate detailing batman this is insane!!  and it's everywhere!!! i'm a pretty simplistic girl, but i now want everything carved!!!  by hand!! and it needs to last 7 centuries please.  

one of the days we took a day trip to the coastal city of essaouira (on the beautiful mediterranean sea).  the feel was still morocco, but the look was slightly more mediterranean (duh).  lots more white and that blue, you know the one!  along the way, we got a speeding ticket, stopped to photograph tree climbing, argon nut eating goats, and made a very quick visit into a women's rug weaving co-op.  the three little birds against the sky (no filter!!!) had me singing bob marley in my head the rest of the day :) the white stucco and bright blue accents reminded me that i plan to retire anywhere on the med.  although, not right on the wharf.  it smells reeeeally bad there.  like, overwhelmingly bad.  the orange peels at a stand on the wharf were a nice distraction, though.  art from orange peels.  who knew?!  you know i'm a sucker for graffiti, and was rather impressed that in such a poor country i really didn't see too much of it (ha! it just occurred to me that even in our poorest neighborhoods in the usa kids can still "afford" spray paint!!  sorry, moving on).  anyway, i was touched by the universal symbol of rebellious love - just find something sharp and carve that shit into some ancient architecture ;) 

on to the camel riding!!!!!  this was probably the thing i was most excited to do before my trip and it didn't disappoint!!  morocco is magical.  camels are majestic.  and so much beautiful, soulful personality.  no, there was no spitting, no running off crazy or biting. there was some public peeing and pooping, but i think that's fairly natural?  just look at that face!!!  such a welcoming, friendly soul and with such sweet eyes.  do you see a smile??  i see a smile :)  the ride was not the smoothest and i was pretty impressed i managed to not fall off while lunging along, one arm wrapped around the grip and the other hand trying to take pictures, without dropping the phone or losing my grip.  i'm in the very back of the line.  do you see how tall my camel is??  that would have hurt.  i love the shadow shot, but the sun and the moon and the camel caravan shot is pure money!! the pic of me and the camel, both without heads, is an homage to my ex, who used to make fun of me for always cutting off the heads of people in the photos i took (maybe it was just him? ;)  anyway, obviously i didn't take this picture and i found it hysterical when i saw it on my phone.  it's my photography soulmate!!  the selfie on the camel is just there to make the kardashians jealous.

there is more morocco to come, so please come back soon :)  for now, i am overwhelmed and going to bed!