prepare to be seduced...

i recently took a little vacay.  a much needed reprieve.  not only for my body, but for my soul.  it was wonderful.  truly.  since i've had kids, i've not traveled as much as i would like.  that happens.  they're getting up in age now and i'm bribing them with the potential of traveling with me.  but for now, it's me time and o.m.g. i loved it!!!

my holiday started in paris, with a special friend of mine.  we'll call him, "jason".  insert french "huh, huh, huh" ;)  anyway, as audrey hepburn said, "paris is always a good idea" is very true and we had a wonderful time just wandering around, drinking wine, eating, and just being there.  paris is a seductive place, without even trying.  it just happens. here's my version of a tour guide...

the architecture and craftsmanship are simply to die for.  just walking around looking at the buildings was enough.  this particular plasterwork reminded me of keith haring's work.  one of my favorite artists is rodin.  i've been to his museum before and it was high on my list to visit again.  art that moves you to tears is totally seductive.  look at how delicately his hand lays on her hip.  it's stone!!!  how amazing is that??!!  i've always found merry-go-rounds very romantic.  on one hand they transport you back to childhood, when life was simpler and carefree, but on the other hand i always have this image of gazing into my lover's eyes as i try to suppress the nausea of the endless circling... ok maybe it's not so romantic?  moving on, i found the condom machine in. the. subway. to be rather humorous.  really?  you're that seduced you have to go at it in the subway?? well, see other picture...

we happened upon the pont des arts, where lovers attach pad locks to the bridge as a token of their unbreakable love to whoever's initials are on said lock.  this is sweet, but i remember reading an article a few months ago that the government had to remove many, like thousands, of these locks because the bridge was being compromised due to the weight of the locks.  lovers were outraged.  of course!  because, without a tangible symbol, true love doth not exist!!!  i may be exaggerating.  back to the real seduction... intimate conversations at cafes over a smooth glass of wine, making out on the subway like no one is watching (or taking a picture ;), open seating for two to simply sit and be as the world strolls the park before you.  definitely seductive.

paris is the perfect muse.  i don't think one can take a bad picture, nor have a bad meal. there are feasts for the eyes and soul and stomach everywhere!  completely inspiring.  the bottom left shot is a restaurant, just around the corner from our hotel, where we had such a wonderful lunch!  such a quaint and quintessential french spot!  we came back for dinner and were turned away at 10 on a friday night because it was too late?!?!  zut alors!!  everyone else must be making out on the subway?!

on our last day in paris together, it was raining (which squelched our 2nd attempt to visit the catacombs!).  this cafe is the one i think we were at the most and it was even better a little less crowded and without the smoke (I am really surprised how many young people still smoke in france - not seductive!)  our room was perfect and who doesn't love a sleepy gaze out a window with really fancy ironwork?!  beer, wine, olives, nuts, and a fake candle...let's get it on.  this odd little building, with the doors.  when we came across it, jason says, "now, those are the kind of doors i just want to go in and explore".  what?? learning something new about someone is incredibly seductive, albeit in this case a little creepy, but seductive none-the-less.

finally, one of many bridges we crossed (literally), beautiful lights, perfect weather, arm-in-arm.  seduction at it's most basic.  just happy to be there.  soaking it all in :)