let's talk about dex baby...

dex industries that is.  the sultans of concrete.  the king and queen of custom fabulousness. omg!  i love them!!!  i have designed a few custom concrete things and dex is my go-to, johnny-on-the-spot, no-fail, bees-knees, steady-eddie, happy-ending... whatever :)  they are the bomb, people!!  and i just love visiting them.  out in the hood.  the first time i ventured out there, lauriel gave me directions that included "turn left when you see the goats".  true story. 

so, down at maison zen glam we are quickly approaching the finish line for major house components!!  more on that later, but for now, i'm showcasing what dex is doing for us down in serenbe!  well, you'll have to stretch your imagination a bit, because it's a bit abstract at this point.  i stopped in last week to go over the custom pieces they're doing for us.  the hearth, the kitchen counter tops, the gonna-be-ridiculously-breathtaking, recycled, green glass island (with waterfall sides!!!) and the crazy cool, "pie-crust" edged pantry counter tops (yes, i actually had a conversation about the name of the edging we're doing - depends on how your mamma makes her pie crust.  lauriel's made it with scalloped edges, but mine used a fork and thus, the edge on the pantry counter looks just like my mom's apple pie crust (if you want to take that down the american pie route be my guest...).

anyway, here's some shots of what's being lovingly made for maison zen glam...

maybe it doesn't look too exciting at this stage, but just wait!!!!

next up are some shots of the dex i love.  getting there is really part of the fun.  you enter through the gate (after navigating the hood), then drive between the buildings housing all kinds of interesting businesses.  auto-body | window tinting places, caterers, welders, people just hanging, places with no signs, goats...  after you turn left, there's a tall tower that looks like someone may live there, because there are curtains on the windows (it's like a creepy live version of some weird fairy tale) and a smallish sign on the back fence that says "dex" with an arrow pointing toward the gravel road twisting behind another set of old industrial buildings.  (have i said how much i really love visiting this place??!!)  a few pot holes later and you arrive at dex.  custom concrete fabricators extraordinaire!!! lauriel is a huge bulldog rescue doyenne, so, of course, there is a concrete bulldog to greet you.

even their stairs are badass!

even their stairs are badass!

now for some artsy shots, cause that's how i roll...  most of the light comes from above; industrial skylights.  you can't take a bad picture in there if you tried!

not only do they do standard home pieces, like countertops and sinks, they do a lot of fancy pantsy custom work for companies like louis vuitton, and super slick, super cool tiles.  even the workroom doors are incredible and the templates of projects past just ooze awesomeness.  i was particularly drawn to the wheelbarrows.  i want to blow that shot up and frame it, i love it so!  it's a dirty, noisy, industrial space and they make some truly beautiful things.  ahhhh...dex!