home sweet home...

i've been thinking about what to write about this for over a week now.  the phrase "words cannot express" is about the only thing i'm coming up with!  but that really sucks when you write a blog.  the spring issue of atlanta magazine home hit the newsstands this week and i would love my writing about it to be even just slightly close to being as eloquent as the writing in there.  but, given how badly that sentence sucked, it probably won't, so i'm just going with a wild stream of consciousness here.  please bear with me and try to keep up :)

omg omg omg!!!!!!!  i've known my house was going to be in the spring issue for a good while now, but here it is, in front of me, real paper, gorgeous photographs, such perfect writing, omg including a mention in the editors letter, tears flowing, laughter too, because i laugh sometimes when i'm nervous or highly emotional (i laughed at my moms memorial service and the priest shot me a "you're definitely going to hell" glare, but i couldn't help it!).anyway, this is major awesomeness as an interior designer and was part of my whole goal of going back to being a nurse practitioner full time after my divorce and buying this house and making it special.all in all, i believed in myself and i planned and dreamed and worked hard and stayed up late and stressed and dreamed some more and i couldn't be more proud of myself.i am so very grateful to lisa mowry (field editor extraordinaire) and betsy riley (editor of atlanta magazine home) for also believing in me and giving me such an honor of such a freaking amazing spread!!!i do think, however, that the pic of my daughter and i, would have made a fabulous cover shot, but whatever, that james farmer, the male martha stewart, damn him, beat me out.  sigh.  i'm working on a pb+j recipe book currently and have plans for a children's picture book of cool tattoos, so the next magazine that's wanting to feature me can feel confident i. will. be. the next creative powerhouse 'round these parts and deserve to be the cover girl.:)  ok anyway!!!  on with the spread and it is sho nuf quite the spread!!!

betsy's writing is just so perfect.  ok, i'm crying again.  i worked so hard for so long in nursing and had so many phenomenal, life-stimulating, perspective-effecting experiences that to see moving into such a different arena could be also be celebrated and respected means so much to me.

so when i received my early edition and showed my daughter (pictured above with me:) she asked me in her sweet, tiny voice, "mommy, do you think, when it comes out on newsstands, you could buy me a copy so i can show my friends?" :))))))))))  for god's sake, child, i'm buying every copy in the city!

soooooo!!!!!!!  just beautiful photos, thanks to my awesome photographer, jeff herr!!  and apparently not very realistic, since my sitter asked where i put all the stuff that's usually all over the place??  um.  in the closets.  duh.

let me just say again how incredibly honored i am to be a part of such a wonderful magazine!  truly.  betsy and her staff are just fun, talented, nice, open people and i've just loved every issue since it's rebirth!!  (crying again)  it's real-life design at it's finest!  go get your copy before i buy them all...