be steel my heart...

ok!!!!  the steel facade for the fireplace in the coolest house in decatur (also in the running for longest project ever) was installed this week!!!  clients are out of the country and we've been working on the degree of rusting for the steel via text and pictures.  really, how easy is that!!??  for crying out loud, it's hard enough to understand how hand made tiles may vary slightly from piece to piece, but rusting steel??!!  um.  well.  it's a total crap shoot basically.  it actually took me a good long while to accept that the metal is a lot more rusted than i was anticipating!  with the surrounding cabinets, the warmth is perfect though!  and the whole thing just looks amazing anyway, i'm really pleased!!!  and again, so very blessed to have clients that encourage me to think out of the box and do some stuff that's a bit over the top!!  please ignore the outlets that have been cut into the front (i'm crawling under my blankets and pretending that's not really happening and will try to get the professional photos taken before the big screen gets installed).

so here's two cool shots that look even cooler side by side!!  the surrounding cabinetry is still getting installed!  yet another little surprise, "hey guess what?!  we have windows in the midst of your beautiful cabinetry!!".  i love the light coming in, but not in the original plan, so try to overlook that as well ;)

here's the full frontal and the floor in front of it!  we are still searching for the hearth - will most likely be a lovely soapstone or slate slab!!  you can see the incredibly awesome reclaimed maple floors!!  love!!!!

for another perspective, here's looking at it from the kitchen and with the concrete island top and the custom cabs matching the fireplace cabs!  i. just. can't. stand. it!!!!  we weren't sure about the darker island (as opposed to maybe painting the island cabs grey to match the outer cabs), but I think my original design stands.  i'm digging it.  looks more like a furniture piece, which i like.  and so does my cabinet maker who stained about 30 samples til i was satisfied (no joke!!).

this fireplace has definitely stolen my heart!!  i really hope the homeowners love it as much as i do!!