week 3 one room challenge...

if you were expecting some huge amount of progress, i'm about to really disappoint you! sorry.  i did, however, order the new door for the closet, change out the vent cover on the wall, scouted a side table alternative to the large, metal file cabinet, moved some furniture in the room and stared at it, and fortunately escaped spending a stupid, ridiculous, obnoxious (but probably completely worth it!!) amount of money on some insanely, sexy, leather fringe that i was considering putting on the day bed!  more on all of the above as we move through week 3's blog :)

i also scheduled my photographer to shoot the finished room, so now i'm reeeeeaaally committed to completing this!

reminder, here's the link back to callingithome.com's one room challenge!

on the left is the table that was in my daughter's room, that i moved down a couple of days ago, but only tonight did she notice!!  and of course, wasn't happy i took it.  glad she has good taste ;)  on top of that table is the super sexy leather fringe from bradley at adac!!!!  i have coveted this stuff ever since i first laid eyes on it!!  it is smoking hot (and not cheap) and my plan was to use it on the daybed cover then repurpose it for some kind of tina turner inspired dress!!!  cause i'm crafty like that ;)  but alas, the fringe takes 3 weeks to get here and i will be posting the final post then, so it will remain a dream for now :(

above we have the gorgeous, vintage, lucite vanity chair that i scooped up a while ago just knowing it would go somewhere!!!  it's in excellent condition, but i'm not sure the scale will work with the metal desk...stick around for that!

now on to a little shopping fun!!!  i decided that the large, metal storage cabinet is just not that special and can be moved into the closet (behind the new door :) and in it's place i needed a cool, new side table.  up to this point, i've pretty much shopped my own inventory and have been doing pretty good, but it was recently my birthday and i need a present... :)  anyway.  i'm withholding my resources until i decide which one i will go with, lest someone swoop in and buy the last one in stock and throw me into a challenge tailspin!!

here's me busting a move on the ugly vent situation!!  old vent cover on top, new, pretty vent cover on the bottom.  unfortunately, what i discovered when i went to screw in the new cover was that the metal duct is not cut symmetrically, so the lower left side sticks out past the wall (can you see the bigger shadow on the left?).  so now what should have been possibly the simplest thing in the room will now involve me donning safety goggles and attempting to cut back the metal myself :(  times like these, i could use a manly man boyfriend.  just saying.  but, i can do this!  other things i'm investigating are luscious velvet and a birch pole.  stick around!!!