hey lady, wanna buy a chair...

i love a good deal!  seriously.  even though i am expertly talented at selecting the most expensive piece of whatever in a store!  i happened to be farting around on facebook last week and an ad popped up for 2 chairs on "letgo" dot com.  besides the fact that i immediately launched into a very bad rendition of "let it go" from the disney hit frozen, i was intrigued.  could these be the perfect chairs for my uber hip art fan clients who live on a more traditional golf course???  at only $400 for the pair??  in oatmeal linen?? seemingly matching perfectly with the new bed and overall cloud theme we're going for?!?!  what's the catch?  (warning!!!  if you are vegan or an animal rights activist, you may want to stop reading...)

so here's the chair and the swatch of fabric from the bed.  honestly, perfecto x 100!!  the shape of the chair mimics the shape of the bed, the scale is perfect, given the large size of the room, my client can curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee and peruse the latest fashion magazine while her nails dry... ha!!  that shit's not happening...  she has 3 boys under 10!!  but the thought is nice.

so i contacted the seller (who is actually a reputable designer) and she said it is her brother that is selling the chairs and to contact him.  i make contact and he tells me the chairs are in a storage facility in marietta.  uh.  ok.  tell client and she's immediately concerned we may be tortured and murdered, our remains stuffed in some self-storage locker only to be discovered once someone inadvertently confesses to the gruesomeness...  because why would i ever be anywhere near a self-storage facility in marietta, contemplating purchasing really inexpensive occasional chairs!?  so out of character... ;)

i did assure my client that i really wasn't worried in the least bit about any kind of foul play, but we did have quite the giggles over having 911 on speed dial and which one of us would be sacrificed (somehow i lost...)

so we show up and my client is already like, hey, he's single and kinda hunky, whaddaya think!!??  and i'm like, can we just focus on the chairs?!  we go up to the upper floor unit and the chairs are already pulled out in to the hallway and i'm immediately oohing and ahhing, thinking, this is a great score!!!  client then says, did you not notice what's in the rest of the storage unit??

wth????!!!!!  there are deer heads everywhere!!!  and i can't stop laughing.  not because i think hunting and mounting is funny, but because of all the paranoid lead up and here we are, looking at really pretty, perfect chairs for their master bedroom, and there are 15 dead deer heads desperately trying to look at me!  but wait, there's more...

there are fish and a bird.  what's beautiful about all this, is my client says to me, "don't you have another client looking for taxidermy?"  why, yes, yes, i do ;)  i am seriously questioning whether this is the right thing though...

at this point, i can't stop laughing and occasionally have a shutter of omg i'm freaked out right now...  so the only logical thing to do is:

because it's really all about the selfie nowadays, right?? ;)

ok, the chairs were a total score!!!  we both came with empty vehicles, thinking we'd each fit one chair into each of our vehicles (i say vehicle 'cause hers is a minivan and mine is a hybrid station wagon/suv).  i had to get a new car last year because my prius battery died (after 9 years...sniff) and i'd been lusting after a ford flex for a couple of years anyway.  it's pretty big and can fit up to 7 people, but let's see how handy it was with chairs today...

on the left, is my client's minivan, comfortably accommodating the 2 chairs.  on the right, my sorry-ass flex accommodating nothing but some bubblewrap in the way back :(

in the end, we were not tortured and freeze-packed in a storage unit in i-have-no-idea-where-i-was-marietta!!  we came away with 2 fabulous chairs for the master bedroom and a selfie of me and a deer head!!!