forget about the ball, i'm dropping names...

now 3 weeks ago, i attended the atlanta homes & lifestyles "home for the holidays" designer showhouse and it was gorgeous!!! here's a little sampling of things that caught my eye...

starting at the top, one of my favs, beth webb, did the dining room, and i was so in love with the ceiling i could barely look at the rest of the space (which was lovely!);  next is the gorgeous fireplace and wood in the fireplace in the living room by susan ferrier;  the next shot is a rug people!  i know, you thought it was some kind of etched art too, right??  you got that those are pink jelly beans, yes?!  and they are real.  there may have been a few more in there before i entered the room ;). courtesy of barbara heath;  fantastic art in the bedroom by carter kay interiors;  crazy for this vanity top by b.d. jefferies;  i have a thing for moss.  my therapist encourages it.  thank you carter kay ;)  oh, babs heath, i ate your jelly beans and coveted everything in this bath!  the quirky little stool, the exotic, yet sexy wallpaper, the plain-on-it's-own floor tile elevated to high design with the company it keeps!!

moving on we have a fabulous lampshade made of feathers (i'm wearing this bad boy as a skirt or a party hat!!) in the study by danielle rollins and bill ingram; check out the octopus (recent uber trend; why, i'm still not sure) who seems like he belongs as part of some roman architecture but is on the front of a dresser in the upstairs apartment of michel boyd; crazy about the earthy elegance of the fireplace dress up in the sitting room by amy morris; i wanted to draw little hearts on this fabric covered wall (yes, that's whimsical peacock, partridge, rooster, whatever the hell kind of bird that is, fabric!!) by my design crush brian patrick flynn!!  who doesn't love a man with 3 first names?  his mother must make up extra names to add on when she's really mad.  ahhh, gold tinsel.  who doesn't love something that should be tacky, but shakes out to be elegant and festive and fun!? cheers to you, susan ferrier!  i found myself pursing my lips in an attempt to communicate with this wall sculpture chosen by b.d. jefferies.  next up, pomegranates.  what a gorgeous use of nature as decoration in the kitchen by mark williams and niki papadopolous (my picture of their insane fridge/freezer custom panel combo did not turn out as i saw it in my head, so instead i give you their pomegranates).  you coulda used one of those poms to initiate cpr on my chest after taking a gander at that phenomenal ochre chandelier in the breakfast room.  yeah, don't you wish you were sipping your coffee from your "world's best mom" mug under that magnificence??!!  back upstairs to the michel boyd lair and we have this edgy photographic art piece that just pushes the envelope.  and i really love to see that, especially in a showhouse.