hey kids, it's back to school time!!

in honor of my kids' return to school tomorrow, i'd like to share something i'm quite proud of.  my son's room.  at the beginning of summer i vowed i would have his room completed by the time school started.  meaning not just looking good, but functional as well.  not too hard unless your child has literally 10,000 $%*@%$# legos.  :)  

most of the design has been done for a while, but i was having a hard time devising a way of storing all his $%*@%$# legos (oops, did i say that again?).  i knew i was planning a photo shoot and really wanted his room to be special and a little different (as if the colors aren't a drastic change from my usual palette).  

i was actually stressing over this, then one day, had what i'll refer to as a moment of sheer genius... the vintage machine tool storage unit in the garage!!!!  i've failed miserably at organizing all my small tools, screws, tooly bits of things and the like in this unit like martha stewart might do, so why not haul that rusting, spider condo, metal piece onto my son's room?!  

perfecto!  he was ecstatic, i cleared some space in the garage, and i think it not only looks really cool in a boy's room, but it's monumentally functional.  he labeled all the drawers himself for all his various colors and types of legos, plus other stuff.  genius i say. just don't open the closet, we weren't photo shooting that side of the room ;)


again, special thanks to my photographer, jeff herr, for these awesome photos!