junk in the trunk

this week finds me deep in the storage issues (just where do we put that junk in the trunk??).  i met with clients in the fine city of decatur, where i am designing their new master suite (which includes a lot of reconfiguration - read, remove one bathroom and a small closet to create the new master bathroom and remove another small (and oddball) powder bath to create a new master closet).  i love change and this project has tons of it!! to make the whole thing even more exciting is they went for the custom design vanity i proposed.  this is like icing on the cake, i already get to design a beautiful new bathroom, but then add in the custom vanity - ooooooo child, i'm in heaven!!  they kept asking me where they would store all their bathroom junk.  well, given that i truly actually think about all this stuff, i've got this covered!  get rid of everything you own, except for a toothbrush and bar of soap.  

just kidding :)  although really not necessarily bad advice to take a look at what you really use and what you just hold on to thinking maybe you might need this one day, even though you can't remember it's original purpose...  or it expired in, like, 2009.

my mentality has definitely been influenced by my time in new york city, where i routinely edited all my stuff to the bare essentials.  that said, i do understand that some people need 15 towels, including the ones with holes in them.  it's ok.  those are going in the crawl space storage area, not your beautiful new master bathroom.  i'm here to help.

moving on to client zen glam!  we are in the throws of full throttle kitchen and pantry design (as well as the rest of the house, so the architect can draw the final master plan now that we finally made it through the sticklers of the serenbe design review board!!). we are also wrestling with where to put everything that worked in a larger space in maine.  no worries, i have this under control as well.  i'm an aries and i looooove a good challenge!  look at the pretty lights we'll have over the island.  everything else will surely fall into place.  :)  right?  right.

one of my favorite moments this week was a conversation with mrs zen glam.  we had just finished our whirlwind appointment with our appliance/plumbing specialist, ordering things like sub zero fridges and viking everything else (!!!) when the topic turned to junk in the trunk.  like, big booty junk in the trunk.  every week i adore this woman even more and this conversation just added to the love fest!  she was describing a woman she had recently seen and i was able to match the high level of banter with my own observations of a recent photo of kim khardashian's rear.  life is good when you have people around you that don't take things too seriously and appreciate all forms of beauty, from sub zero to big booties!