the race is on...

i have two projects that would make for a lousy hgtv special.  why?  because they're based on reality ;)  they've taken much longer than 1 week (a 30 minute episode) to finish. i have been working on these two full houses (ground up people) for a year now. yes, a year.  i am so ready for them to be completed and not because i'm ready to be done with my clients.  no. no. no!!!!  both of these houses are so ridiculously awesome in their own right, i just can't wait to see them in their total fabulousness!!!  seriously.

first up is a modern house i've shown you before.  a loooooong time ago.  we've made some progress and i am hoping they might actually move in within the next 2 months!!  

so, we now have not only sheet roc, but painted sheet roc!  the exterior is painted! windows are in and trimmed.  the beautiful hardwood floors are in, but you can't see them cause they're covered up!!!  no peaking!!  above you have the exterior, the uber awesome atrium above the stairwell, the stairwell, and the patio doors off the great room (i was a little infatuated with the shadows and light effects here...).

there is so much gorgeous white i can't stand it!!!!  it's my favorite white, which very coincidentally happens to be benjamin moore's "color of the year" for 2016, "simply white" - yeah, duh, it's been my fav for like 9 years or so?!  if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this floor before?!  it's crazy sick!  the wife originally was hoping to see it in the kids' bathrooms, but it wound up in the master!!  the empty space with the beautiful window is where the master vanity will be, along with a multi glass bubble chandelier and 2 custom, oval, iron mirrors!  i really cannot wait to see this space completed!! :)  you know i like a niche in the shower.  well.  this one is wall to wall, mack daddy gorgeous beyond in the tub/shower room!  oh yes.  the lower right shot is in one of the kid's baths.  simple white, super cool grey penny rounds on the floor and beautiful natural, custom wood vanity - perfection!!!!

above are some of the lighting selections for this fab house!  starting from the top left, dining room, stairwell, exterior front entrance, powder room, exterior sconces, daughter's bedroom (cacacrazy about this one!!), master bath...

i will profile the other contender in the "who's house will take the longest to finish but could actually be done in the next 2 months" in another post (so soon, i promise!  hang in there!!).